Scorched Heat

Scorched Heat

Steve is a successful businessman in Dallas. One day he receives a letter from his old friend Eric in Sweden. Eric is overstrained and threatens to reveal a crime that they committed as children. Steve realizes that he has to go to Sweden and help Eric. Steve's wife Linda insists on coming too. Something she will deeply regret. When they arrive in Sweden they find Eric on the verge of insanity. He raves about their old teacher, who was burned to death in a mysterious fire many years ago. Steve and Linda become involved in Eric's world of illusions. Soon it gets impossible to distinguish between dream and reality. They are more and more affected by an evil force from the other side. The trip that should have been a vacation to Sweden becomes a one way ticket to hell.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

The ghost of a man murdered by two kids comes back to haunt them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josephine C (fr) wrote: This movie... How did anyone get paid for writing this. That's just sad. T_T

Marco J (de) wrote: Was finally able to watch "20th Century Boys" (3 Part Movie) and now I know why its so popular - can recommend it :) When you mean you know who the bad Guy is or that he is finally defeated ..... nooooo... wrong assumption ;)

Patrick K (it) wrote: the best bits are with james corden and ralf little but it was on the whole very tedious and didnt enjoy it like i might have done. this movie tells the life of joe meek and if you ask me its not someone id care to much about

Alain L (es) wrote: So Sunshine Cleaning is really great. It's a good comedy and a very good story. I think about my sister watching it - and anyway, it's really awesome. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt are great in it, they perfectly play their roles and the story is really well written. There's nothing negative about this movie. It's a really good surprise, I had a good moment watching it, so I advise you to watch it because otherwise you will miss a cool, funny and strong movie.

Alma Delia N (au) wrote: for me, only the last half is good enough, when the character who's playing Daniel Radcliffe realize what the real life is...

Robert F (gb) wrote: Subtitled but a very nice story. Very sad ending.

lowrie j (es) wrote: love this one twoo ;)

Peter P (us) wrote: Great performances from Bogart and Leslie Howard, and the story has an interesting dynamic to it, but the ending is a little too sad.

Giorgio P (us) wrote: The whole film is just a bit underwhelming and didn't go with the overly victorious ending that it sends off with. Im sure the real heart breaking story is compelling, but surprisingly, Herzog didnt make the movie with the power it needed.

Ronnie S (kr) wrote: Blair Witch mder Jurrassic Park .. Kinda. Okay men nok mere fordi jeg elsker dinoer lol

Aj V (gb) wrote: First of all, excellent cinematography and cool music (it was all based on Blondie's song call me). What I didn't like was the cast, they weren't that great, especially Gere. The best part was the end. Overall, it's a pretty good drama, but it really could have been better.