Featuring a mix of Thai Boxing and Ultimate Fighting, SCORPION has been dubbed The French Fight Club. It stars Jerome Le Banner, who is also known as Hyper Battle Cyborg and The Bulldog of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Scorpion torrent reviews

Michael W (ag) wrote: Compelling documentary. Once jailed, it is difficult to get out - even if proven innocent.

Jake C (ca) wrote: That's a long movie.

Maiiielithaphotmailcom M (br) wrote: i like it when it came out

Gavin P (nl) wrote: Cockroach-Man! Sure, not as catchy as Batman, or Spider-Man, but it's still kind of cool. It's basically just a suspense-filled thriller, holding back on showing you the giant, generically-modified cockroaches, but then having a full-blown show-down in New York's old subways to finish it off. Some decent special effects for the 90s and a good score. MVP = Charles S. Dutton.

Hugo G (mx) wrote: 7.3/10This is another very tragic fun by Lars Von Trier, with an excellent performance from Emily Watson in a yet another heartbreaking movie. Also Katrin Cartlidge was very good as well. However I'm a little formed between the story and how Bess' character had to go through everything she went through, it was very depressing and awful. ~August 18, 2016~

Jordan L (jp) wrote: pretty creepy, though the non-psycho clowns in the beginning were way creepier. def worth watching though, one of sam rockwells first flicks also!

Eric B (de) wrote: Really different type of 80s horror flick. Creepy, surreal, and with some good performances and characterization.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Haha that was pretty fun. Some great gags and the twists were hilarious. Great drinking movie. Boy did this guy like boobs...

Wirkola F (it) wrote: Pero el tema principal es shido.

Bryan W (de) wrote: dated, horrible, classic.