Scotched in Scotland

Scotched in Scotland

Would be detectives, the stooges get a job guarding a Scotch castle while the owner is away. The servants are crooks intent on robbing the castle of its valuables. Though they do their best to frighten the boys off, the stooges prevail and expose the crooked goings-on.

Would be detectives, the stooges get a job guarding a Scotch castle while the owner is away. The servants are crooks intent on robbing the castle of its valuables. Though they do their best... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edgar C (jp) wrote: When I see Shosanna (Mlanie Laurent) in Inglourious Basterds (2009), I am reminded of Marion Steiner (Catherine Deneuve) in Le Dernier Mtro. Both gorgeous French-speaking women, both looking terrific in a red dress, both intrepid femmes facing catastrophes once upon a time in Nazi-occupied France, both having a lover, both being owner of a prestigious theater (one for movies, one for plays), they share striking similarities. Shosanna is Tarantino's French prototype of Steiner.Both movies have moments of tense suspense derived from the Nazi oppression, both share a similar running time, and finally both have the climax set inside the theater.But Deneuve is better and more beautiful than Laurent.Seriously speaking now, what a great movie. After finishing a decaying series of films centered around a man growing up and having troubles with relationships, Truffaut's vision has finally reached its pinnacle of maturity, releasing what is simultaneously his most ambitious film and arguably his most accessible. Set in WWII, when France was split in half by a political line dividing the Free Zone from the Occupied Zone, an actress and owner of a theater hides his Jewish husband in the basement, unbeknown to the entire cast and crew of the play, given that the husband is presumed to have fled from the country. However, Steiner hires a man for the leading role, Bernard Granger, played by the great Grard Depardieu as the sexy young beast, and romantic tension escalates.The film is about many things at once: the Nazi occupation, the tragedies of war, theater, art, love, affairs and friend relationships. Truffaut captures the architecture of the theater with an impressionistic POV, where the color red reacts to the numerous conflicts of the characters and the constant darkness that happened in the theater due to electrical power shutdowns mirrored the intensity of the political situation. However, the film is not devoid of a tremendous entertainment value and Truffaut's typical form of Nouvelle Vague humor which is more noticeable in the epilogue itself.The simulation of art vs. reality to mirror both realms with the ending play scene is one of the smartest endings of the decade hands down, which is the one seemingly being disliked by the ones who saw the movie. My strongest guess is that they didn't get this reality-vs.-fiction duality, which is often interchangeable.85/100

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Lady D (ru) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

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