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  • Release:1908
  • Language:English
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  • Category:Short
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This is an intensely interesting production. The tourist, the lover of the romantic, and the student will find the scenes of picturesque beauty, sublime, awe-inspiring, wild, weird and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Scotland torrent reviews

Dryw H (jp) wrote: It is very thought provoking. Having background knowledge is good for understanding the story better.

Hugo G (gb) wrote: Very good visual effects and gory! November, 2011

Victor V (de) wrote: too unfunny n too useless got no treasure at all

Keith G (us) wrote: It gave the feeling that one should get when watching a cowboy film, its plot was well written and it had a good ending... the thing is, a couple of the cowboys had earrings which took away from the feel, and modern devices and trains were shown (purposely I think) that also took away from the timeline and feeling of being in the old west.

Bevan S (au) wrote: Really lovely document of the Icelandic band, putting a face to the sounds and giving stunning visuals to them as well. Functions as a great introduction to their work and context - powerful and charming and soothing and challenging, and lucky enough to have a documentary capturing them that is as beautiful and well-conceived as their music.

KARLA E (jp) wrote: the movie is not that good..there's just somthing about Gabriel...

Chris K (gb) wrote: this little girl was only 4 and could act THAT GREAT?! i was so impressed by this film from france. so much talent from this little gem. so nice to see another kid besides dakota fanning

Jay N (fr) wrote: If you enjoy watching a garbage can. You might just enjoy this movie.

Anna B (es) wrote: Kinski looks like an old lesbian with that hair, and I couldn't swallow that anyone would be afraid of his mincing poser of a character. Herzog's direction is, as always, mind-boggling, though once again a terrible DVD transfer reduces the impact of his amazing compositions. I need to get the Blu-rays or something.

(au) wrote: Not my favorite of Akira Kurosawa...

Chris B (ca) wrote: Beautiful movie about love and the advancement of technology. Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams give great performances. Scarlett Johansson does a great job as the voice of Samantha. This is really something I believe we are not to far away from.