Scrambled Brains

Scrambled Brains

Shemp is a sick man, suffering from hallucinations. His worst vision is that his ugly nurse Nora is actually beautiful. When Moe and Larry come to take him home from the sanitarium, they discover he's become engaged to Nora. On the way to Nora's apartment for the wedding, the boys get in a fight with a stranger who promises to get even with them if he ever sees them again. They arrive to finding Nora waiting for her father, who, when he arrives, turns out to be the man they just fought with.

Shemp is a sick man, suffering from hallucinations. His worst vision is that his ugly nurse Nora is actually beautiful. When Moe and Larry come to take him home from the sanitarium, they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael W (ru) wrote: This direct to video stinker is not as bad as I thought it would be. Let's start with the bad! The movie is done on such a low budget the viewer realizes that the housed film in A H is not even close to the real house. The house is too small, there is no boat house, front porch, and the back yard. does not look like river property. The part of the movie where the dad loses it is so over acted I could not describe the bad acting. the movie's climax is the worse ending I ever seen. I will not ruin the movie, but I can not describe how much of a let down the ending was. The good of the movie. A H has a few surprise death scene which shocked me. The reality t v over acting was some what entertaining. In the end. A H is a mix of The Blair Witch Project with the son narration of the family's experiences, and Paranormal Activity with the scenes where the viewer watches the home security system cameras. A poor copy of the both mentioned movies. I give A H one star.

Mattias E (fr) wrote: After the missed opportunity that was The Break Up Club, Barbara Wong does the right thing and directs a more traditional romantic comedy sans dubious self references and ill-advised meta levels. Perfect Wedding doesn't really distinguish itself from any other Eastern urban romcom, except that Lawrence Cheng's screenplay has a certain warmth otherwise lacking in Mainland produced clones like Go Lala Go and Color Me Love. And Raymond Lam is a real find as the fiery Miriam Yeungs meek love interest, getting serious gender-reversal props for playing the effeminate part, indulging in some heavy comfort eating when heartbroken.

Tim C (de) wrote: Entertaining, dark, and fun. Good cast

Sayer F (jp) wrote: Very well written, and acted. Hard Eight is an impressive debut from Paul Thomas Anderson. It's so good that it doesn't even feel like a first film.

Lee J (au) wrote: The best Batman movie.

Don S (kr) wrote: Not much of a film, and the plot twist is super obvious, but the use of "LIL' RED RIDING HOOD" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs was pretty creepy! As was the remote control police car! Other than that... meh.

Danny M (br) wrote: My favourite rocky film! So good so much heart. Slightly better than 2

Warren M (fr) wrote: Stephen King has had more books receive film adaptations than any other author. While several of these film adaptations were very good, Stephen King is a fan of very few of them. So to determine whether or not he should never allow another film adaptation, he decided to direct a film based on one of his own stories. Maximum Overdrive is based on a short story titled Trucks, featured in his short story collection, Night Shift. In the trailer, he said that he wanted to see someone do Stephen King right. Several years later, he confessed that it was a "moron film". Should Stephen King be that ashamed of directing this movie? Not necessary. Sure, it's complicated, it's twisted, and none of these supernatural trucks are explained very well. And sure, Stephen King probably has more to hate about this film than having to play the guy who gets called an a-hole by an ATM machine. Yet, with its intriguing characters, oddly interesting activity from the trucks, and electrifying soundtrack, Maximum Overdrive serves as dumb, over-the-top fun if you choose not to take it too seriously.