Scrat: Spaced Out

Scrat: Spaced Out

In the main events of Ice Age: Collision Course, Scrat is captured by Scratazons who take away his acorn. Now, Scrat must rescue his Acorn and escape before the aliens can catch him.

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Drew M (au) wrote: 4 1/2 Stars. There's a train scene in the middle of this film that is one of the best scenes to come out this year. Fucking awesome movie. It's a little hard to follow at times because it's a sprawling spy flick but it's impeccably made and acted.

Jennifer G (us) wrote: It delivers, but nothing quite stands out.

Jacob M (kr) wrote: New 52 has its first adaptation on the silver screen. The results are just ok. DC takes a big swing and only tips the ball instead of full on slams it. The story feels a bit rushed and isn't fleshed out enough to make it feel great. Fun for those who are looking for a big fight scene, but just eh for those wanting story.

Geoffrey T (ru) wrote: Badly written script with poor casting.

Meghna P (ca) wrote: Could have been a lot better.

neil w (nl) wrote: liked it alot solid cast the main lead roles are played very well and the film itself was something different for a change

Caleb A (de) wrote: It's an alright movie. Not that scary.

Bryant T (nl) wrote: I believe this film is all about movie tastes. I mean at times it could be corny but still its a classic storyline lol. Even though predictable you just can't mess with it. Those love triangles, best friend getting his ass kicked, revenge, some sort of moral, and of course above all else decent fighting scenes. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing another movie about someone who has no fighting background work his ass off from nothing to champ. Look at the karate kid series, breathing fire, only the strong old classics with the same basis as this movie. All in all through all the rambling it was a pretty good movie.

Shonna C (nl) wrote: A great movie that tells us to never give up on our hopes & dreams in life.

Liam C (ca) wrote: John Woo is the only one who seems to do Cage as an action hero correctly. The action was perfect and the story was by the numbers but it had moments of silence and character development, one problem most see is that it hardly talks about the Navajo, this wasn't true until about half way through, it seemed to be more about Joe Ender and the Navajo slipped to the side, they were there and they still did things but they could have done more and I'm sure they did in the real war. It was an emotional story and packed with eye popping visuals. Not the best War story, but I'm sure there are much more offensive war depictions out there.

Prue H (au) wrote: So good, one of the few Hong Kong movies that are worth watching (Infernal Affairs is probably the other one, the movie that was adapted into The Departed). The plot's great, the characters are smart and hilarious and overall, this really worked. If you enjoyed Inside Man, you will enjoy this.

Nellie K A (de) wrote: great. I saw it twice in 2001-2 and in 2007-8.

Blair C (ru) wrote: Christopher Walken, he's worth two and a half stars at least

Ebony H (ru) wrote: I thought I hadn't seen this but I have. great flick!

Casey J (br) wrote: I don't understand all of the terrible reviews, Ghost Dad was one of my favorite movies of my childhood. I think this movie is more for kids than adults, although since I loved it so much when I was young I can enjoy it now.

Lee C (ag) wrote: I remember first seeing this on TV with my granddad. Adventure novela had been his forte for many years. He introduced me to the worlds of James Bond, Mack Bolan and of course Dirk Pitt. It is a travesty that in light of some of the excellent adaptations of literary works in recent years that no one has yet to produce a film that captures the spirit of Clive Cussler's series of novels. All of them start in a very modern film fashion of a short prologue set in the past that gives us a stage for the main film to build on, like a Bond film. And every Dirk Pitt novel just goes into such detail and depth they are the definition of page-turners and written exactly like a movie for your mind. Seeing this particular version at a young age I felt it was pretty boring. Later I read the novel and was amazed at how much more there was to digest in it. The screenwriters of this movie pretty much gutted the book for all but the most basic elements then gave the actors very little to work with. Despite that, Richard Jordan was the epitome of Dirk Pitt in his manner, build and arrogance. Jason Robards had much less to work with as Admiral Sandecker making a very limited appearence. The same goes for Anne Archer, whose character of Dana Seagram is little more than a name along with several other key characters in the book. A mild surprise is enjoyed when Alec Guiness graces the screen to enlighten us with some history, but even his character is truncated severely.Now for the real reasons I give this three stars. The first reason follows Mr. Guiness' appearance when the movie picks up a bit as the Pitt and his crew scour the North Atlantic for the Titanic. in the middle of the movie is the real meat here with lots of work done to capture the claustrophobic feel of deep-sea submersibles. The detail is simply incredible, everything looks realistic and plausible. The miniature work is just getting going though, building up to the great ship's discovery and the incredible looking third-act resurrection and raising.The second reason is probably the only really wise choice made and my favorite part: John Barry's score. Lost for years to time, only recently has this score been released and it is magnificent. There are excellent themes for searching, spying, reminiscing and redemption present and this easily ranks amongst Barry's best scores. If there ever is an attempt to make this novel into a movie again, someone should at least revisit this score because it's the only part that actually does match the source material.

Srn G (es) wrote: Sagan er einfld en hefur boskap. Sjnrnt s er myndin oft flott.

Private U (br) wrote: Another great offering from hammer. Cushing as the Baron always steals the show and Fisher story telling style brings this movie to a level above the rest. Atmosphere and graphic violence are always key ingredients in a hammer movie, this film is no exception. My only complaint is it ends to quickly

Martin T (es) wrote: Malle can typically be counted on for a watchable, well-crafted film, but he's really one of the less compelling directors of the nouvelle vague. The story plays out somewhat like a Harlequin romance novel... bored bourgeois housewife with a boring bourgeois lover finds true love in a moonlit night of steamy, unexpected passion. Jeanne Moreau brings a small amount of complexity to the role, which is really the film's saving grace. I found myself disliking the character... despite the attempts to gain my sympathy in her rebelling against her conventional lifesytle, she still struck me as tremendously selfish and thoughtless. But in the end, there's a hint of self-awareness, a fatalistic realization perhaps that you can take the girl out of the bourgeois, but you can't take the bourgeois out of the girl. Besides this interesting nuance, I was mostly unimpressed although mildly intrigued.

Akira Y (it) wrote: I loved how it built up to revealing what happened to Jamie. It had me on the edge of my seat. The soft tones of compassion and empathy were like a breath of fresh air. A very well put together movie. <3