A killer known as Ghostface begins killing off teenagers, and as the body count begins rising, one girl and her friends find themselves contemplating the 'rules' of horror films as they find themselves living in a real-life one.

High school student Casey Becker receives a flirtatious phone call from an unknown person, asking her, "What's your favorite scary movie?" The situation quickly escalates as the caller turns sadistic and threatens her life. He reveals that her boyfriend Steve Orth is being held hostage. After Casey fails to answer a question correctly about horror films, Steve is murdered. When Casey refuses to cooperate with the caller, she is attacked and murdered by a masked killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Scream torrent reviews

Matt C (ca) wrote: Overall, this movie is a total mess. Self-indulgent, boring, aimless, unfunny, and trying way too hard to be Wes Anderson-esque. Nothing happens and it feels much longer than 85 minutes, but there are two scenes at the end that actually work and the very end itself is cute. Where the hell was that the rest of the time? It makes everything else feel like even more of a waste, and that's what this is overall: a waste of a movie, and very pointless. This feels like something that should have been a short or a just a sequence in another movie.

Wade H (ca) wrote: A decent sword and sandal movie. But nothing is new. The acting, directing, and the fights are worth the watch.

Chevy C (gb) wrote: I'm Puerto Rican and I hate this guy. Now I have another reason to hate him.

Galvy F (kr) wrote: Nothing in your pocket but a goal to win. When we do it all wrong to have someone tell us otherwise what is right. What we see, we shouldn't see. fighting beyond endurance, pain, physical capability is the magic of boxing.The bag is constantly moving, moving towards you, all around, away, you don't want to hit it when it comes toward you, it's going to smother your punches away. keep rotating, keep your shoulders back, tuck that chin, give some power shots in it.]Able to fight in the ring and out, and know when to stay down when your beat. Whom is a trainer to you? business or personal? handed down knowledge for what? When throwing a punch is survival for some, and some to win, and others but a dreamer.boxing is an unnatural act, it's backwards, we move our legs left and step into our feet & toes goes right, we move our legs right, step into into our feet & toes goes left. knowing how to stand, keep them legs under your shoulders. Make them feel it in your bones, only programmed to listen to you and no one else. learn to keep your balance and knock it off your opponent. Generate momentum of your right toe. flex your knees when firing a jab. fight back in up, so your opponent doesn't come after you. learn to breathe under pressure. the body knows what fighters dont, knowing how to protect itself. it takes over what you don't know and reacts on its own. (knockout mechanism) And repeat.... born fighter.We are in this ring of life, no breaking out of, naturally we are born into. Living with simple truths to what we know, and what it takes and what we have.... age, strength, money, knowledge. when we are not in the position to be fooled or provided false hope, only 100%. when your trainer knows whom is on top, the greatest contenders and only know if we are ready. Come all this way, for some to use you, take advantage of that skill, and opportunize. For others, it's more than that, breaking the trainer & fighter bond, when its all over when you have taught all there is to know about fighting, what more. When fighters are no different then other fighters, the technique passed down from one fighter to the next, all contained in a ring full of history of boxing. your trainer knows you, because he not only trained you the technique, but mentally and physically what your capable of doing. All fighters try to remain on the top, know everything, overcome anything in the ring and in life. Can't argue with a fighter without a grudge fight. Can go round to round, in control of their opponent and round you take. trainers whom take a risk at you, but not entirely confident, to see what you are capable of. knowing your fighters determination above all is worth the risk. A trainer needs to protect its fighter, Concern for them, and provide for them when they can't do it alone. When there is not only rare hungry, barewood & bone fighters like yourself that are great fighters. When caring less about titles, wins, ranks when the next opponent is just fun curiosity to see what we lack or what good we are.Some risks we can't take back, if we fight, we make the risk on our own without burdening others. Some risks we better not take not for the loss in the ring, but loss in whom we want around in the ring. Being a fighter means you have a team of trainers behind you no matter what along the way, we protect ourselves other ways and ourselves. when no one understands who you are but your trainer and you. we try to escape thatblife, and try to help others too, but that life ain't for us all. We have changed with time, we are a league of our own after fighting the best elsewhere and improving on who we are. When intimidation and reputation and stories means nothing when your a more respectable fighter and able to beat them. when years of training doesn't beat the best training. 2 fighters both evenly matched don't want to return to that life they wished to escape, take the turn for the worst... When the trainer becomes the fighter for the fighter. When they are more than your fighter, but your own flesh, blood and bone. You share more than fighting in common, a connection both still make each other a trainer and fighter beyond the ring, beyond fighting. we know exactly whose been by our side the whole time. when we are losing the fight and know when to stay down, and return to that lifeless life we once lived. No matter what other life we can provide for others, there is only 1 life that makes us truly alive, worth living, makes us truly part of this world.... if it's boxing then that was it. We fight ourselves, the burdens we carry are heavy enough that it kills us. We fight to overcome these burdens, redemption, new life, selflessness, and fulfillment of that void in our life. When the burden is too much and unbreakable more than anyone can imagine, we given in. How many defeats in our lives do we say enough is enough, time to hang it up.

Vinod A (ru) wrote: The screenplay was terrific. I read the book and I saw the movie --- and the screenplay added dimensions to the character William Hurt played that weren't in the book. It was really interesting for me to compare the screenplay with the book.

JH K (nl) wrote: Interesante por su aspecto visual, constante slang y vision del mundo de la calle y las drogas tanto por los polis como los propios camellos... pero le falta algo al acabar, ya que el destino del pobre desgraciado de Strike es poco satisfactorio.

Dyron W (au) wrote: While the soundrack was decent at best, Prince's loose sequel to Purple Rain steers away from the so-bad-it's-good charm of the original and goes into so bad it's horrible territory.

Joahnn D (ca) wrote: Arguably, the first true Friday the 13th film as it introduces Jason Voorhees as the killer. The atmosphere is creepier with a stronger cast including John Furey and Amy Steel. Jason's sack appearance is far more terrifying than the hockey mask.

Paul Z (jp) wrote: Unlike more ripened and thematically complex noir selections I could name, the dialogue and staging are pure style, and the plot is pure tabloid. It's just lean and wicked straight to its core, fast-paced and action-based. Like the sensationalistic pulp its writer-director inspired, it's more interested in firing a barrage of sensations than with telling a believable story. But interestingly, what makes it memorable contradicts what makes it flashy: The turning point that gives the stylistic building blocks humanity, Thelma Ritter's tough-as-nails final scene, single-handedly makes the movie.

Chris R (gb) wrote: Hardy's tour deforce

Andy G (es) wrote: I don't know why this movie was such a box office failure. It has the impressive visuals and rich world building of the Star Wars movies, with plenty of great action with an interesting and unique story as well. It may not have the best lead actor, but the supporting actors were all great, including some strong performances from the motion capture actors as well. It's too bad this movie didn't perform well at the box office, as I would have loved to see a sequel. It may not be perfect, but it deserved a better reception than it got. It probably would have been better if Disney kept the original title "John Carter of Mars", as the shortened title probably hurt it. I feel bad for Andrew Stanton as he seemed really happy at finally being able to bring this idea to life, only to have it become a flop. Personal Grade: ATechnical Score: 71%

Somenath S (de) wrote: An exceptionally thought provoking movie, with excellently framed scenes that linger in your memory long after the movie's ended. It acknowledges the fact that our justice system sometimes fails, and shows both sides of what would happen if we were to take the law in our own hands in retaliation. The point isn't what John did was right or wrong, but a quest to find the ultimate solution to crime, and admitting that the current justice system isn't perfect. Of course, that means certain (almost all) reviewers who depend upon the governments for their continued employment and who are wary of speaking against the government will choose to give negative reviews - but please don't be fooled by them. This movie is definitely worth a watch.

Nick M (us) wrote: A simple tale of a woman torn between the obligations of a normal life and the adventure offered if she stays true to her heart.

Spencer K (de) wrote: it's a bleak, brutal, dark, powerful and disturbing look into manipulation and a look into the mind of a psychopath. it's a rough watch to sit through, but it's rewarding for those who do.