Scream 3

Scream 3

A murdering spree begins to happen again, this time its targeted toward the original Woodsboro survivors and those associated with the movie inside a movie, 'Stab 3'. Sydney must face the demons of her past to stop the killer.

The actor plays Sidney, Gale, Dewey, ... in "Stab" had to die because of the scary killer with the mask. Who is behind this mask? Why the killer just want to pursue and kill Sidney? What is the truth about the mother of Sidney? This section will deal with any questions and ended this series ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean W (mx) wrote: The Borderlands is one of the better found-footage films that has come out of late, and is one of the best British horror films to come out in a seriously long time. Initially a little unconvincing, and with a slightly irritating character played by Robin Hill, it may take a short while to settle into. But as events unfold and things get darker, I guarantee you will be glued to the screen, as creepy and sinister becomes terrifying and horrific. The acting is great, the tension never falters, and the ending is one of the nastiest to feature in a horror film in years.

Amanda W (us) wrote: Reading the play felt far more vivid than this interpretation.

Andrew C (fr) wrote: I was wrong this one was worse. Partly my fault because I was expecting it to be some kind of story line where someone had like connected the Hell cube up to an MMO and Pinhead was traversing the online community taking souls at his leisure. Instead it was some kind of POS flash game that made up very little of the movie and was just to send out an invitation to a party. The entire movie was basically a dream scenario the only part where the actual cube was involved was like the last 5 minutes of the movie. Pinhead was in it for like 3 minutes and only took one soul, and it wasn't even an epic reaping, so it was a big let down.Once again the story wasn't so bad, it just shouldn't have been connected to the Hellraiser franchise. It would of been fine if this movie was just a regular movie.

Rick P (jp) wrote: Okay, the only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of the 1 it so vividly deserves is because of how much it made me laugh. Thanks to Daniel Tosh for bringing this horrendous gem to light. This goes right up there with "Plan 9" and "Troll 2" as movies that are so awful, they're good. The only difference is "Tiptoes" tries so hard to be good, when very clearly it is not. They couldn't even bring the actors back for a publicity shoot, they just took stills from the movie to make the DVD art!

Lateef R (nl) wrote: Dry and boring. I expected better of Romero.

Senor C (ru) wrote: Im finding as I watch more & more Karloff either they're really good or not too smoking hot. Isle of the Dead falls into that latter. Karloff is always good, a highlight & the main reason to tune in but unfortunately it's a little on the boring side. I know this was made in the 40s & you should be a little forgiving but when a movie is like 70s minutes & feels close to 2 hours something is wrong. Not one of RKO's shining moments & basically for Karloff completest. Im watching his stuff whenever it's on TMC but you should check out something like Corridors of Blood instead.

Marischa B (ru) wrote: Great copy but VERY POOR zombie movie. I've tried a few "underground" low budget zombie flicks these past months but NONE were worth watching. Unless the movie's made by a true talented and recognized director I think it's worthless trying to find a good zombie story out there. Loss of time not of money cause it's free !! Try your luck with this one but i warned you ! Best zombie flick ever: "Dawn of the Dead" original and remake. Generally all Romero's zombie flicks. Both "28 days/weeks later" movies, TV series "The Walking dead", more recently the "Rec" movies, "Zombieland", "Shawn of the Dead", "I am Legend" and "Stake Land". Even the "Resident Evil" movies are kind of OK.As for all these low budget zombie movies...NONE are worth a minute of watching.

Garrett I (fr) wrote: this was so terrible. worse than a soap opera.