Scream Free!

Scream Free!

Here's an "Easy Rider" - inspired plot with the combination of "West Side Story" stars. Richard Beymer falls in love with Lana Wood (sister Natalie wasn't available). They need cash so they agree to help Russ Tamblyn and his gang smuggle grass from Mexico to L.A. on motorcycles. When Beymer objects to narcotics agents being killed, his long-haired pal from the Jets puts LSD in his drink, tries to burn him alive, and has Lana kidnapped. No musical numbers, however. With Bing's son Lindsay Crosby, Joel's son Jody McCrea and deejay Casey Kasem. Directed by Bill Brame ("The Cycle Savages").

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

Here's an "Easy Rider" - inspired plot with the combination of "West Side Story" stars. Richard Beymer falls in love with Lana Wood (sister Natalie wasn't available). They need cash so they... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark L (fr) wrote: I will say after watching this I have started to listen to a LOT more of her songs. It gave tremendous insight into a star that works REALLY hard and puts it all on the line emotionally, professionally and personally. Tremendous respect is given regarding her interaction with the fans and you get to see real flesh and blood behind the makeup and costumes. You can see the truth behind many of her songs. Very eye opening.

Brian S (nl) wrote: A very good and effective piece of found-footage cinema. I found it to be very entertaining,but of course, it's pretty long but when there's the climax, it get's creepy. VHS is pretty well done, the acting is very solid and the gore and scare meter is beyond The Blair Witch Project. But the shaky found footage style did give me a headack at the end of the film. This really makes me wanna see the second one. Clever movie and recommended !!

(au) wrote: Touching! And its specialty is the movie has two main male characters, and they both act so well.

Eddie G (it) wrote: a movie made by interview with Kurt, it's a nice idea to do something like this and if i'm not wrong first time movies is made only on interview, showin' different pictures of places where Kurt lived, Aberdeen , Olympia and Seatlle. all in all it's good maybe will be boring for those who didn't cared about Kurt's music and Nirvana as band, but for fans is must see

Ken B (br) wrote: It is hard for me to review this. I have written about pirates and Blackbeard in particular. I have always thought his story would make a great picture. I still do. I found the story to be half-baked and contrived. There were hints that they may have known the real history of Blackbeard, but it did not make it into the film. So, forget the history. It fails completely. For example: Blackbeard was killed in North Carolina. He had held the town of Charleston hostage. Maynard was hired by Governor Eden was ther corrupt governor of North Carolina. Lt. Maynard was hired by Charles Spotswood, the governor of Virginia to hunt Blackbeard. Their final battle in North CArolina was fantastic! So forget history. How is it as a pirate story? Well, weak. Blackbeard doesn't seem to be that overawing. This might be ok for very young viewers, but then there is blood so that might be too much. Please give this film a wide berth.

Tommy D (it) wrote: Meet the Parents is probably one of the most classic comedies of the 2010s, and even if many aspecs of this movie are clich-ridden, the hilarious performances of the lead characters make it an extremely enjoyable experience.

Alex r (fr) wrote: Third entry in the Highlander trilogy is yet another train wreck that doesn't deliver anything memorable. I've said this in my review for the second Highlander film, and I'll say this again, there is no effort into this sequel, this is lazy filmmaking. The thing with this third film is that the actors seemed bored, and the material they are given to work simply doesn't have that depth that made the original so good and memorable. I think it's a good thing that they gave up on the film franchise after this one because it really is a pointless film that is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Don't go into this one expecting great things, you'll sadly be disappointed. This is a bland, unfocused action film that is all over the place, and it never becomes really involving for the viewer. This is even worse than the second Highlander film, and if you're looking for a redeeming film, you won't find it here. Fans of the original ought to stick with the first and not even watch the sequels. What really is shameful is the fact that the filmmakers really could have made a good movie, but like the second film, they just didn't have the effort in making a good film, and they ended up making a film that is plainly awful, and relies on a poorly thought out script that simply doesn't deliver anything worthwhile for the viewer. This entry ends the trilogy on an even lower note, and proves that they couldn't top the creativeness of the first film, which is a standout film. But like the Connor MacLeod said in the original film, there can be only one, and in the case of this trilogy, the one, is the original Highlander, which after you've seen the two dreadful sequels, should be considered as a standalone film.

Tristan P (jp) wrote: Poorly paced, acted, and bereft of legitimate scares, Pet Sematary Two is even more boring than its predecessor, and at times, laughably worse.

tt (ca) wrote: 1.5 stars, plus another .5 just because it's the Fat Boys.

Luis G (kr) wrote: why is this a favourite? first of all, it's actually one of the very few memories of anything before age 10; it's interesting that I remember (of all the stuff I watched) the movie where the main character is trying to escape a small town

Felicia H (de) wrote: It wasn't a terribly crafted film, but the script could have stuck to the original myth to make it better. Actually, it was sort of annoying how they picked out parts to keep with the original, but embellished upon the story in ways that subtracted from the movie. In any case, it was still nice to see Herakles minus the blonde hair and Disney-like charm.

Anuj S (fr) wrote: Sean penn at his vintage best

Rich S (de) wrote: While it is suspenseful enough and definitely captures the eeriness of the Fields, there is far too much important information missing and far too much useless dreck included. The performances are excellent, but the script itself clearly needed a few more rewrites. With some tightening, focus and a clear vision, this film could have been groundbreaking rather than just dumped and left for dead.

James S (ag) wrote: In typical Tarantino style, 'The Hateful Eight' succeeds as a cleverly structured and brutal, yet absorbing, entertaining movie. Chapters are once again used to split the film up, which once again works well in giving the story structure. Each element focuses on different characters, until we have the complete cast tensely confined within the wooden shack. As events unfold we are predictably told what has gone on before, so that everything it put into context. Whilst expecting this to happen, the revelations were not ones that I predicted, and all of them led to a blockbuster finale. Humor runs throughout the film, although its the characters (specifically Jackson) that make the film the success it is.