Scream of Stone

Scream of Stone

A meeting of two world famous climbers, one an experienced mountaineer the other a sport climber, and a journalist (Ivan) results in a bet on which of the two is the best climber. Roger (the mountaineering expert) states that Martin (the sport climber) wouldn't survive a day on a 'real' climbing expedition, although he is considered to be the world's best sport climber (having just won an indoor 'world championship,' an event depicted in the opening scene). They plan to climb 'Cerro Torre,' in the Patagonia region of South America, near the Argentinian/Chilean border, one of the world's most difficult mountains, especially considering the extreme weather conditions common to the area.

A meeting of two world famous climbers, one an experienced mountaineer the other a sport climber, and a journalist (Ivan) results in a bet on which of the two is the best climber. Roger (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex M (ag) wrote: Tries way too hard to be scary and "edgy." just gonna say it. This is a lesbian drama disguised as a horror movie. No joke. I've seen my share of these so called movies, and they always fail in execution. It's always the same problem- the director puts too much emphasis on the aesthetics and atmosphere and not enough of the character story. In this case, the director does a good job of setting up the eeriness and scary looking visuals, but the tender story between girls falls completely flat. I was so bored every time there was just talking. Sarah Bolger was always interesting to watch on screen, but she was very underused and wasted. I don't really understand who this was made for.

Noname (es) wrote: A thriller with some horror elements. Its christmas eve and a woman trying to get home from work gets trapped in the parking garage.. I liked this one.

Paul K (ag) wrote: A bit Hollywood. Some worthy emotions and passable acting, and an admirable lack of violence and extreme content. Nonetheless it was contrived and implausible.

chris b (br) wrote: everything about this movie sucks its stupid not funny nor scary in anyway possible...

Mubin S (kr) wrote: This is one of the BEST Jap movie I've watched ever. Maybe it was the eye candy, but I think really good too. Loads of funny bits here and there, and some touching scenes as well.

Alanna H (ag) wrote: So touching! What can I say? I've always been a huge Micheal Pitt fan, so I might have been a bit biased at first, but his acting is just top notch. He brillantly portrays Chep, and he makes it so sweet to watch. The story line is easy to follow and very heart warming. In a way it's also somewhat tragic, but it doesn't leave you feeling disappointed.

Jay B (ag) wrote: one of my favorte movies. but i wont deny. its horrible.

Ramn M (gb) wrote: de las peores del cine blico sin dudas.

Trent R (ru) wrote: Trenchard-Smith delivers exactly what a film like this should have - lots of toplessness, rude scatological humor, and copious gore in bizarrely improbable scenarios. Talking toilet heads, phallic lipstick worms, ambulatory cleavage, you name it. And a ton of it is practical, with mirrors, shadows, limbs coming through walls and car seats, etc. The handling of religious characters is irreverent, but actually respectful in a fashion. And the teen sexuality is realistic while still being light and fun.

kim w (ca) wrote: M BUTTERFLY is a remarkable film with a solid performance by JEREMY IRONS and an unforgettable performance by JOHN LONE as MADAME BUTTERFLY. The film may have taken critics and audiences by surprise because it doesn't contain much music, no opera, and feature BUTTERFLY as a transgendered woman. My suggestion would be to see the movie for what it is - two outcasts caught in love during the beginning of the CHINESE REVOLUTION or MAOISTS. Behind the controversy is the study of love and loyalty in a time of turmoil.

John A (us) wrote: Darkness, Is A Slow-Burn Horror Thriller, Which Doesn't Really Go Anywhere. The Atmosphere Just Depletes To Nothing While Waiting For The Terror To Start. The Script And Acting Are Terrible, Not To Mention The Lack Of A Good Atmosphere & Bad Story Telling. A Really Terrible Movie Production Wise. Terrible Enjoyment Wise, In My Opinion.

Jonathan M (us) wrote: Excellent film still looks good even now

monsieur r (ru) wrote: An Italian comedy spoof of the then popular James Bond "Goldfinger", veteran horror actor Vincent Price is Dr. Goldfoot. While most today will find this barely comedy, it may be amusing today for its retro costuming and sets. Obviously targeted at teen and pre-teen audiences and very naive adults. Released a year after the first Goldfoot film (Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine), using teen singing idols of the day seems to be the draw for these hopelessly moronic films. The targeted audience must have been teens in both movies. Why Vincent Price got cast in the lead role is a curiosity. Price had both comedy and horror in his career. The plot is about as lame as the acting. The english voice overs are awkward as the supporting cast is sometimes Italian. Dr. Goldfoot, who looks like the N.A.T.O. supreme commander, plans to assume his role to take over the military organiziation. Goldfoot manufactures robot beauties that blow up those victims he chooses. NATO's top generals are all eliminated through use of the girls. Dr. Goldfoot calmly explains all his plans directly to the audience as if off camera. The ultimate goal of Goldfoot is to instigate a war between the superpowers leaving him alone to rule the world. Mildly amusing and best for those that like plenty of bikini clad hot gals, recommended for Vincent Price fans or these espionage spoofs. Fabian, as Bill Dexter, then sixties teen singing idol in the U.S., is an agent after Goldfoot. CAST Laura Antonelli Fabian (60's American teen idol singer) Franco Franchi Ciccio Ingrassia Vincent Price (veteran horror, now comic actor) Crew Director: Mario Bava Composer: Les Baxter Screenplay: Robert Kaufman Producer: Louis M. Heyward Screenplay: Louis M. Heyward Screenplay: James Hartford Producer: Fulvio Lucisano Cinematographer: Antonio Rinaldi Screenplay: Ullman. Elwood

danny d (br) wrote: "are we eating to sell our bodies or are we selling our bodies to eat? - and either way, what are we living for?" this quote from one of the lead characters sums up the film well. an engaging and tragic story of postwar life in japan centers around a cast full of very unlikeable characters. suzuki's use of color in the film is the standout, but the pacing and the gritty nature of the film also shine in this effective if not slightly over the top tale. a very good film that sets the stage for a progression in the stylisitc appraoch of suzuki.

Greg W (us) wrote: amazing technicolor bio-pic

Emma R (de) wrote: one of my favourite films i have seen. love it.

Sam D (jp) wrote: Solid performance on the Jodie side of the story

Charles M (fr) wrote: A sleeper-- exciting, powerful, and little scary (if you care about the world).