Scream of the Ants

Scream of the Ants

A girl believing in God marries an atheist, who is consumed by doubt. They decide to spend their honeymoon in India. Searching the countryside for a guru called the "perfect man," who fobs ...

A girl believing in God marries an atheist, who is consumed by doubt. They decide to spend their honeymoon in India. Searching the countryside for a guru called the "perfect man," who fobs ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Salvador S (kr) wrote: no puedo bajar este video tengo el codigo

Michelle C (br) wrote: Quirky. I kinda liked it.

Andr D (ca) wrote: El guionista Charlie Kaufman ya habia jugado con la comercializacion de la identidad y la memoria en "Being john Malkovich" (dirigida por Spike Jonze) y "Eternal Sunshine Of a Spotless Mind" (dirigida por Michel Gondry). Ahora la directora Sophie Barthes nos presenta una historia sobre la comercializacion de las almas, partiendo del supuesto cartesiano de que el alma est localizada anatomicamente (la silla turca del cerebro para ser exactos). Paul Giamatti se interpreta a si mismo como un actor neurotico que tiene problemas en la puesta en escena de Tio Vanja y sucumbe a la propuesta del intercambio de almas. "Cold Souls" no llega al estatus de obra maestra de las peliculas de Kaufman,pero es una farsa muy comica y a la vez profunda.

Adam R (ru) wrote: panowie, to jaka? masakra jest... :)))))

Jan P (nl) wrote: Oh Oh. The same old jokes and nostalgy again... Not that it would be entirely bad.

Larry Y (gb) wrote: another supermarket DVD 2.99 DVD combo pack purchase

Robert G (gb) wrote: I was totally beguiled by this movie, especially by Giovanni Andrade - he was mesmerizing (faun-like as another reviewer put it). This movie stayed etched in my mind long afterwards and remains one of my favorites. Not-with-standing my empathy with Charleys role, there are other areas of the movie that are captivating - the (semi Dogme 95) stunningly sombre cinematography, the haunting (Stephen Merritt) soundtrack - but most of all Andrades entrancing screen presence. How very fortunate he persevered with his desire for the role.

Benjamin N (nl) wrote: schumacher won't make a better film

Edgar C (de) wrote: The film, mainly because of its plot, weak acting, predictable moments and a poor development, tends to be disappointing. No elaborate opening tracking shot will make me forgive everything else. Brian de Palma still has talent for directing films, believe me. He just needs a better script and an unpredictable story.The score had something going on...44/100

Marie F (fr) wrote: Drew Barrymore played such a cute part in this movie.

Paul G (ag) wrote: i remember watching this when i was about 8 and being scared at the scene when it looks through the window and when it attacks the woman in the car! classic tv movie crap lol!

bernard a (kr) wrote: During certain points in the film, director Ingmar Bergman steps away from the main story and shows snippets of interviews with his main actors - as if to give the audience a little breather from the oppressive drama. The actors are asked to reflect on the characters they portray. During her segment, actress Liv Ullman says she sympathizes with her character Anna, who wants the world to appear in a certain way...but there is a danger in that. Because if she sees that her surroundings don't fit in with her expectations- then she takes refuge in lies and dissimulations. I think this, in a nutshell, is what THE PASSION OF ANNA is all about - and explains much the psychological sufferings of the characters. Andreas Winkleman (Max Von Sydow) plays a middle-aged man living a meager existence after his separation from his wife. He bides his time mending his old farmhouse. His neighbors, Eva (Bibi Andersson) and Elis Vergerus (Erland Josephson) - a married couple who, although from the surface seem like a loving couple - are trapped nonetheless in a "passionless" marriage. Living at the Vergerus' homestead is their friend, Anna (Liv Ullman) - recovering from the physical and emotional injuries suffered from an automobile accident that also claimed the life of her husband and young son. I don't think it's too much of a coincidence that both her former husband and Max Von Sydow's characater - with whom Anna would have a relationship with - both share the same name: Andreas. It's as if Bergman was saying that both would men would suffer similar fates in their relationship with Anna, sure enough. It's certainly a fascinating film. The cold and lonely Swedish countryside adds much atmosphere to the drama - as does a side story about a "madman" that goes around mutilating animals. I'm still mulling over about that particular aspect of the story. THE PASSION OF ANNA is not as surreal as THE HOUR OF THE WOLF, which along with THE PASSION OF ANNA and SHAME - forms Bergman's "Island Trilogy". Haven't seen SHAME yet...but looking forward to it. 8.5

doris c (ca) wrote: brill actress...icon..great oldie....

Andrew J (au) wrote: Powerful and Moving. I thought this was very well done.

Gokil N (kr) wrote: An Amazing movie which is totally worth watching <3 Loved it.

Stephanie C (mx) wrote: Amazing movie full of emotion and true comradery.