Scream Park

Scream Park

A failed amusement park owner devises a plan to commit gruesome murders in the park as a publicity stunt to sell tickets.

A failed amusement park owner devises a plan to commit gruesome murders in the park as a publicity stunt to sell tickets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vuk O (ag) wrote: This is an interesting attempt at an interesting omnibus, but if you're watching it alone, there's a good chance you'll fall asleep. The pacing is slow, there's a pseudo-Jarmusch vibe to the whole movie, there are some interesting characters and some truly weird and funny scenes, but some really stupid artsy/indie moments as well. Overall, there was potential here to make a really great omnibus with engaging characters, but it's mostly... meh.

Marta B (es) wrote: El verdadero amor no siempre es facil... pero llega facil...

Greg W (gb) wrote: good mystery/horror pic

Jim M (jp) wrote: Nolan's key traits are exemplified in this early work

William A (us) wrote: I have the Director's cut and I have much love for this movie.

Cham O (kr) wrote: It's a sports drama. One of Tom Cruise's early movies. Has a good story and acting. Cruise and Lea Thompson are nice couple.

Private U (nl) wrote: ah Barbara quelle connerie la guerre...Une brillante analyse de ce phnomne typiquement humain qui consiste a se mettre joyeusement sur la gueule en chantant. Ce film vite magnifiquement tout manichisme et inscrit dans le marbre de l'art une des plus grande leon de civilisation que nous a laiss l'Histoire rcente. Mais les guerres passent, les leons aussi...

Steve W (mx) wrote: Allen's second feature film isn't his best, but it does have an occasional good laugh here and there. The movie does have that sharp edge, but seems to lose steam and laughs near the end, not bothering to tell us what happens to the new dictator, and ending on unfunny sex scene. Bananas is decent, but not among Allen's best films.

Mitchell W (kr) wrote: Delirious fun. A minute of silence...Doing the Madison...A mad dash through the Louvre...Some of the most wonderful moments ever to grace the screen. Godard's use of sound alone is playfully brilliant.

dan u (ca) wrote: Such a feel good movie! :)

James H (kr) wrote: Very fine classic film, Ingrid Bergman's second American film is a heartwarming tale, wonderfully acted. It is great to see Susan Hayward in an early bitchy role, she's terrific and it's clear why she became a huge star.

Christian P (fr) wrote: I have read many negative reviews about this movie, and frankly I think it has been poorly judged. Focusing on social issues relevant in the 21st century, it shows adequately how we continue to fight the same battles we did 50+ years ago. However serious these issues may be, it was an enjoyable 1 1/2 hour.