Aquatic creatures threaten the existence of a mysterious island.

Aquatic creatures threaten the existence of a mysterious island. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David B (ag) wrote: On the edge of being really really good, not sure what stops it getting there. But of a wasted opportunity, well worth a rainy afternoon though.

Garrick J (br) wrote: I cannot believe I actually sat through this crap movie to the end. A totally improbable scenario (which is ok sometimes for sci-fi) but enormous leaps of logic and faith that made me laugh out loud. Don't bother even renting this.

Jess L (gb) wrote: Self indulgent film co-written, directed and staring Kevin Spacey that consistently hits and misses. Undeniably too old to play this role, though talented in the singing department, Spacey makes for an interesting Bobby Darin that both pleases and entertains. At times I couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous Spacey appeared trying to impersonate Darin, it just didn't always ring true. But kudos for trying and for most of the time succeeding. Bosworth as Dee is an interesting choice. She captured the flightiness, carefree nature Dee displayed, though I wonder if this is the best we have available nowadays to impersonate a true Hollywood icon from the 60s. Whilst she has the look down Bosworth still seems restrained in her acting abilities.Overall an enjoyable film, watch for the scenes Spacey has the makeup visibly caked on, an absolute hoot. Songs and dance numbers are performed beautifully and the whole aesthetic of the film is generally pleasing.

Jay B (fr) wrote: Pretty weak moral outing with very few moments for adults.

Private U (mx) wrote: Dans le style de True Romance mais avec un budget pas mal reduit. Slater en policier corrompu est bien, on dirait qu'il a pas besoin de se forcer trop fort pour ce genre de role...Sinon traditionnel histoire du couple dans la misere qui aspire au reve americain.

Timm S (it) wrote: Very Insightful. We All Have Regrets In Life. Nicely Paced Story With Some Poignant Tones.

Yen M (gb) wrote: i fell in love with sanjeev kumar after watching this

John M (ag) wrote: Strick is a bit intoxicated with cinema's newfound freedoms to make filthy pictures, but he's also pretty intoxicated with the French New Wave and there are some great passages of Miller voice-overs in the poetic mode alongside Parisian establishing shots. Still, the film lingers on the lupine Miller, licking his chops and taking all the tail thrusting themselves at him. It rides on the coattails of the obscenity trials, rather than arguing for the justice of the verdict. It's a reductive Miller, but if it gets anyone to read the books, it is doing a good thing.

Jeff S (es) wrote: Not even the stunning Charlize Theron in tight clothing could keep my interest. The first time I watched it I walked out, I did see the end many years later and my walking out was justified.

Jay B (fr) wrote: Just as dumb, and minimally funny, as the first. Acceptable follow-up.

Abel D (kr) wrote: While it may sag at points, and not every joke hits its mark, Allen's comedic musical still hits some sweet notes. A quality cast all having fun (and with surprisingly decent singing voices to boot), Allen's trademark wit by the bucketloads and a wonderful selection of lively, snazzy classic songs help give the film an energy and fun often lacking in more modern musicals.

Matt R (ca) wrote: Loved the prosthetic work. And maybe... Maybe, back in the day it was good. But some parts were just kind of silly.