Screw Loose

Screw Loose

The owner of an Italian natural food company has a heart attack and asks his son, Bernardo, to find the man who saved his life in World War II and bring him to his deathbed. He does so and finds the man in a sanitarium and must deal with his hijinks all the way back to Milan.

The owner of an Italian natural food company has a heart attack and asks his son, Bernardo, to find the man who saved his life in World War II and bring him to his deathbed. He does so and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew L (au) wrote: The 19th Scooby-Doo animated feature and one that continues the high quality of work from the past 6 or so entries. So one part comic culture pastiche, one part cos-play tribute, all Scooby-Doo mystery. Some wonderful nods to genre conventions whilst highlighting the absurdity inherent in the genre including a spot on riff on the Adam West Batman from Jeff Bennett as the 'original' Blue Falcon forced to give way to a newer 'grittier' version. Idea for kids and in fact the kid in us all.

Eduardo B (us) wrote: I can't stop thinking of what Ricky Jervais said about american cinema and how it always must have a "happy" ending (more like a super conventional happy, status quo ending). This movie was really well directed, the scenes are very well set up. But the need to get the two together at the end is annoying, although I understand it provides closure. Good dialogues, good acting, casting was somewhat flawed, but an overall good movie.

Matthew M (ru) wrote: Well none of this movie is well explained acted or photographed.... There is nothing really good about this movie. No motivation, rhyme or reason..

Nathan B (fr) wrote: Autonomy and independance for Tibet!, let the smoke screen come down..transformation is at can't have a society that just runs on money and profit eventually it will decay, human freedom and the right to be is what everything stems from and forms democracies. China is going to be on the alert when its pulled the Olympics into its own backyard..with glareing inhuman inconsistenances all around..wake up and try to save face! they want their cake and they'll eat it too .damn it..why does change always threaten defunct ideological systems..why does violence and suffering always have to be the end result..look at whats happening in the news today and you can see a great wave that has been forming for many years for the liberation of the Tibetan people..I feel freedom will come..but it will be interesting to see what form it takes..and what that 'freedom' will truly entail..Shanti om!

Al H (kr) wrote: A good horror story under the sea with a excellent end.

Elijah P (ca) wrote: My favourite movie ever made. I couldn't find any flaws.

Scott J (es) wrote: Quite possibly, the worst Godzilla movie ever.

Tayyab R (es) wrote: Just like the lead character, the film takes too long trying to put two and two together.

Mitch E (it) wrote: Way to go Christian! Mary Stewart kinda looses me in this movie but it's one of Christian's best performances.

Jussi M (ca) wrote: Italialaisen hiriintynyt tunnelma. Tekninen toteutus melko kmpel.

Tene 3 (nl) wrote: Dan Curtis shows that once again, he is a poor filmmaker. This is more of the same anti-Christian FUD that gives atheists and pagans their jollies in seeing stereotypical hateful Christians get theirs. I expected so much more from the master of Dark Shadows. This is utter dreck.

Juan V (kr) wrote: he always has that winning smile!

Darrin C (es) wrote: This film was hysterical! Of course, you yourself should be a fanboy to catch all the winks and references that were packed full in this movie as it makes nonstop fun of itself. Very satisfying especially if you don't mind some Trekkie humor as well!

Elton G (es) wrote: By far the funniest, most colourful and most out there film in the MCU, GOTG remains thoroughly entertaining as it brings fresh and different world and characters to life in this vivid and wildly fun film.