Screwballs II

Screwballs II

In the original tradition of "Screwballs," four horny teens try to get a shot at the sexy new French teacher.

In the original tradition of "Screwballs," four horny teens try to get a shot at the sexy new French teacher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark A (es) wrote: Though it idolizes its flawed true-life central character too often, Into the Wild is a resonant and impactful film that is brilliantly edited and acted

Ruben A (nl) wrote: hmmmm im kinda iffy but ill try to watch it. the poster looks like it pass for friday the 13th

Ivan L (es) wrote: Jos jedna otkacena komedijica o gubitnickoj ekipi cudaka iz predradja Klivlenda koji na sve nacine pokusavaju da opljackaju sef u jednom stanu i u maniru najboljih repetitivnih i slapstick komedija, moze vas na momente vrlo kvalitetno nasmejati, a tajna njenog uspeha je sto je uloga jednog od 4 jahaca Apokalipse Holivuda Dzordza Klunija svedena na minimum

Andrea D (es) wrote: Adam Garcia is so charming that you can't help but adore this movie.

Stuart F (fr) wrote: Some great music and visuals, moving from the natural world to the modern technological world spliced with images of modern society, it's wars, politicians and idols. Many of the graphics look a little out of date now. I found myself dozing off and listening to the music rather than watching the images!

Kieran F (es) wrote: You Know this film is bad when the actors(Liota,Glover and Leary) All admit they only did it for the money

Sherry G (it) wrote: A friend & I saw this movie & laughed through the whole thing. It was SO bad it was funny, literally. We really enjoyed the movie but not because it was good. It stank...

Kilo D (us) wrote: Forget about Jason and his mother for "Just Before Dawn" is a backwoods slasher that came out the same year as "Friday The 13th" and is a better film. One of the reasons "Just Before Dawn" never garnered the fan base that the "Friday the 13th" series has is, sadly, mostly due to the lack of a hockey mask or, rather, the backstory for the villain who would later don one. It's a shame because "Just Before Dawn" has the mood and location that is essential for this sub-genre of slashers, to say nothing of the unforgettable campfire/fistful finale and the brutal murder sequences. Every cliche associated with backwoods slashers is present; however one only has to look at the year-of-release to dismiss these annoyance (the eccentric warnings from rednecks about the camper's upcoming deaths; characters that dance the idiotic with death) and sit back with a red-tipped paper or box of cold ones and enjoy - no cerebral wiring necessary."Just Before Dawn" is, at its best, a fun, if at times slow-burning, summer-slasher from the 1980's that isn't the classic "The Burning" is but is exceptional at what it set out to do while never ripping off "Bay of Blood" once. Track this one down before summer's end.

Andrey B (kr) wrote: Very strong movie with tremendous Giulietta Masina performance. A heart-wrenching movie, the final shot of the smile through the tears is truly unforgettable.

Nicola C (es) wrote: completely ridiculous, but kind of entertaining.

Brad S (kr) wrote: I liked this film noir from Samuel Fuller. I haven't seen many Richard Widmark films, but though he was great in this. The Cold War themed story is decent, and the camera work excellent. Thelma Ritter was also excellent. Worth watching for classic movie lovers!

Timothy N (fr) wrote: I think I was suppose to see this in 3d, which is a gimmick I don't really care for. Sure the cinematography is quite gorgeous as we explore the dangers of being trapped in a cave, but it doesn't make up for a predictable script and bland characters. Maybe going with the actual story this is based on whereas all of them survived would be more dramatic and entertaining.

Andrei D (es) wrote: Putin prea melodramatic

ChillinDylan G (kr) wrote: There are some definitive strengths and glaring weaknesses to this movie. First off, I LOVED the ending...the last 10 minutes made the movie. Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasence both put on good performances - but the rest of the cast was pretty meh. The gross/gore factor was good, and the premise was very intriguing. Now for the negatives - I thought the dialogue was really, really cheezy for the most part (except for the Connelly/Pleasence scenes). I also had a big issue with the believability of Connelly's "decisions" once she gets to Mrs. Bruckner's house - no way does she take the pill, and no way would she turn her back and make a phone call seemingly oblivious to her surroundings. Overall, this was a slightly above average for the first 100 minutes, but the finale definitely raises the score significantly. Grade = 6.5/10