Scrivilo sui muri

Scrivilo sui muri

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Julio F (br) wrote: Awesomely corny and terrifically cheesy, this 70's throwback is an incredible spoof of disco-era-soft-porn-horror-comedies. Actually, if it weren't for the copyright marked 2010 in the beginning of the movie, I would have sworn this was found in some dusty vault. All details were amazing, from the great bad acting to the mawkish script, from the well-worn camera effects to the indefectible soundtrack. Just the right amount of excessive gore, exagerated acting and natural boobs guarantee this spoof to please those who miss a simpler time where one could feel scared, happy, and horny at the same time.

Vinnie G (us) wrote: Whilst this is a murky and filthy film, Carancho certainly delivers on some superb acting, a rather sweet love story and a tight pace. However, its story of ambulance chasing "lawyers" plotting fake accidents, the criminals involved (including the police and doctors) and the victims getting screwed - was all a little TOO much on the miserable side, for me.

Dannielle A (jp) wrote: Really great movie about forgiveness over revenge. An edge of your seat flick with moments of tenderness and gruesomeness. Had a great villain. Very unconventional, I didn't expect many things that happened to happen. I couldn't predict it. The only thing I didn't like about it was that the doctrine was wrong: being good doesn't get you to heaven, only Christ does. Also, heaven is being in presence of God not the presence of your true love! Other than that it was incredible.

Robert D (gb) wrote: Students bonding and respecting each other through violence is the essence of this film but is portrayed more sophisticatedly than this description. Engaging characters and some dramatic depth ensure that this film is a lot of fun throughout.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: I dont have a clue what this is?

Troy B (it) wrote: I give this film a 10.Tupac's Peformance is on point. I Pont think They could of found a better acting skills Were off the Chart.Tupac(best rapper ever.)and still,his skills out rap other rapper skills to this day. Troy L. Burton.

Jasja v (ca) wrote: Whoa, this was so funny. Because to me it is total crap. 3 stars for the hot actor

Yogesh R (br) wrote: (spoiler!)Can you imagine Truffaut killing off Antoine Doinel the way Anderson kills off Mick Travis here?

David H (au) wrote: Best kung fu movie I've ever seen!

Michael G (ag) wrote: "All About Eve"" meets "The Black Swan". Very good. 4 stars

William W (nl) wrote: Jerry Lewis, John Carpenter and The Three Stooges are but three American icons that seem to be underappreciated in their native land. When I was growing up, I would watch his annual telethons to raise money to fight Muscular Dystrophy, loving the times he was on-screen and going to the washroom, going for food or taking catnaps when the program cut to crappy local station coverage during the times he needed some rest and respite from his hectic hosting duties. I watched many of his films, back in the day (though it's hard, three-to-four decades later, figuring out which ones I saw), and loved his work, so I've made a point of getting many of his films from his classic period and checking them out.I loved his take on the Cinderella fairy tale, and thought it was both hilarious and well-made. It was great seeing two of my favourite character actors, Judith Anderson and an intriguingly-cast Henry Silva, here as well, and seeing the much-and-rightly-lauded 'staircase scene', it was incredible that he did that, since he had suffered so much from back pain at that time (from falling during a show in Las Vegas), and suffered his first heart attack in trying to do it all in one take.This would also be great to see in a double bill with 'Blazing Saddles'--two comedies with The Count Basie Orchestra involved.

KaHo W (au) wrote: Atypical anti-war film. Kim once again uneases us.

LaTisha F (es) wrote: Very rarely do movies surprise me. I usually have it figured out bye midpoint of the movie if not sooner. Especially when I get them out the $5 bin at Walmart. I wasn't expecting that ending. So I liked it

Robert I (nl) wrote: One of those cool indie movies featuring awesome actors before they were famous. I wish my flicks were like this.