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Calvin C (de) wrote: Another great performance from Michael Keaton. This true story about the founding of McDonalds is like The Social Network without the style and heavy drama. I like how it showed a man, who was desperate, take someone else's idea and made it into his own. Ray Kroc may have not been the most likable person, but he was a genius when it came to selling his product.Grade: B+

Mac M (it) wrote: Codral wasn't a strong enough drug to make me appreciate it properly.

Red L (ru) wrote: Life is tough for Moonie Pottie in the small town - especially a coal-mining Cape Breton small town. A big city family moves into town, and Moonie and her new friend cause havoc in town. This movie is pretty good - easy for anyone from a small town to identify with.

D L (br) wrote: Stephen Chow's Best !!!

Andy C (au) wrote: Eh, thought the story was average at best but the synchronized swimming is pretty spectacular, so that's worth a half star I guess.

Mike N (de) wrote: sorry, i thought this movie was horrible and cliche.

Kai T (de) wrote: Such a instant classic!

Tony P (ag) wrote: Oscar winning drama from 1993 about the ravages of AIDS and its consequences on people's attitudes towards sufferers and workplace discrimination.The film shows some of the physical scars the disease has and actor Tom Hanks who plays lawyer Andy Blackett, with the help of skillful make-up effects brings some of this across to a mainstream Hollywood audience who in 1993 were on the whole still pretty ignorant about the disease. I have never really liked Hanks in other films. I find him rather bland shall we say but his performance rightly was rewarded with the Best Actor Oscar award that year.Other cast members include Denzil 'for the movie' Washington as another lawyer who is homophobic but represents Blackett in a court case against his employers for wrongful dismissal.The film is set in Philadelphia, US.It really is quite embarrassing to watch some of the misconceptions of the time. I compare it to Mark Fowler in Eastenders in the UK.

Aayush D (mx) wrote: aah what an unusual, wonderful movie.

Dr F P (au) wrote: I still have no idea why my Sister enjoys this, nor why she even purchased it. Look at the poster and tell me this is going to be a great movie. "Bend It like Beckham". I think you can tell i have distant and not so fond memories of this. I can see it being attractive to the age group below 14 but not me.