Sculpture is a psychological horror gore-fest that tells the story of Ashley Steele, an aspiring artist who returns home after the death of her father only to find the haunting memories of her repressed childhood await her. She is commissioned to create a life-size sculpture of the perfect man, and uses body builders from her brother's gym as models, but soon finds herself spiraling down a path of unspeakable psychopathic terror and murder as she frantically tries to complete her masterpiece.

An aspiring artist is commissioned to create a life-size sculpture of some perfect men, but soon finds herself spiraling down a path of unspeakable psychopathic terror and murder as she frantically tries to complete her masterpiece. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pasha A (gb) wrote: Bertolucci is still a maestro.

Nathan C (kr) wrote: This film, while not a gamechanger, may be silly but it's the first modern horror film I can truly call fun. It does so with relative ease and thrills and spills.People gather into a small old 70's theater that manages to still be in business. It's screening a scary movie - so scary in fact that it killed people. Turns out that the killer in the movie can also go into the real world. Wow!Anyways, that's an awesome idea! Not to mention, it works because of its ability not to take itself so seriously. Cool kills, actually decent acting, tight direction, and a meta-script that feels FRESH (looking at you, SCRE4M) are why you should stick around for this overlooked slasher. The killer is pretty badass, I'll have to say. Plus, the nostalgia of watching midnight movies will win you over. It has a few decent jumps and scares amidst the predictability and easy-to-ridicule flaws.The special effects were very corny, especially the electrocution scene. Also, the victims are still dumb as ever... When will they ever learn? Plus the ending seemed abrupt.Nothing new to the genre, but a very pleasant getaway from the "Saw" and the "Paranormal Activity" and the-- you know all that junk kids watch these days. Excuse my Bill Cosby impression. Nonetheless, this is spectacularly fluffy horror that warrants a great time... if you don't mind the random blood puddles on the floor.

Jill H (fr) wrote: my second attempt at watching a mumblecore movie. this film felt more satisfying and focused by exploring jamie & charlie in the process of getting to know each other. the realism was quite charming in this case. and some of the shots were lovely - the orangepink sky with a plane flying by....

Olivier B (es) wrote: Trs bon film qui raconte l'histoire dramatique d'un tudiant en Art dsirant devenir le meilleur artiste du monde. Arrivant l'cole avec tous les types d'artistes au monde dans la mme classe, Jrome dcouvre tous ses dfauts et failles, faisant de lui un artiste... en devenir. Quand on embrasse les clichs, on rit, et c'est pourquoi ce film est rempli de clins d'oeil cocasses et ralisement rendu face aux diffrentes expriences du monde artistique.

Cody L (gb) wrote: Hilarious movie, and the cast does a great job and have excellent chemistry with each other.

Anthony V (us) wrote: Interesting premise, but very dated (80's) and quite choppy in places. Bring a barf back for the title song.

Mohamed E (br) wrote: ???????? ???????? ????? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ???????? ??????

Indra W (de) wrote: There are so many false information, religious exploitation, cheesy dialogue and stupid impossible plot. Half-assed, awkward action, violence, and sexploitation. A big disappointment.