Uncompromising story of life in a Borstal prison, a British juvenile offender institution in the 70's

This is the hard and shocking story of life in a British Borstal for young offenders. Luckily the regime has changed since this film was made. The brutal regime made no attempt to reform or... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keoki K (ru) wrote: I loved every minute of this movie about people with dignity who care about each other. I would highly recommend it.

Ethan W (de) wrote: i like the part were they sing the thong song

Jon P (ca) wrote: Man Bites Dog is a deliciously dark pseudo-documentary, which yearns to give Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer the Spinal Tap treatment.For the most part, this student-led production succeeds in doing just that; and its pitch black jibes hit like a blunt instrument to the funny bone.However, the film's callous sarcasm all-too-often descends into immaturity. On one occasion, characters even stoop to starting a sing-song about shitting the bed.Man Bites Dog is terrific fun and underlined by genuinely intelligent reflective undertones. However, this is still essentially a souped-up student film; and viewers shouldn't expect any more.

David U (us) wrote: Perfectly watchable but nothing special.

Andr (ag) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 17.01.1998

Muffin M (de) wrote: I own this on DVD in a five movie pack along with:* Fantastic Four - Extended Edition (2005)* Jumper (2008)* The Darkest Hour (2011)* Chronicle (2012)