Scum of the Earth

Scum of the Earth

A naive and innocent teenage girl is blackmailed into modeling in the nude for a photographer who is in league with a teenage gang whose boss illegally sells photos of teenage girls being abused and degraded.

Before director Lewis gave the world the notoriously gory The Blood Feast (1963) he made this exploitation number about a sweet-as-pie teen girl who gets blackmailed into become a pornographer's model, Yucky. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rhynal R (kr) wrote: The movie title is exactly what it suggests; it's an awkward adventure. But surprisingly, has a lot of character development and a lot of heart. It's your classic love story that isn't so...well...classic. Nerd meets stripper kind of thing; but somehow it works. And it's due to Chernick and Hampshire's incredibly chemistry that really sells them. Chernick's character is annoying yet redeemable and Hampshire's character is the loveable dirty girl with emotional issues that's cured by honest love. The plot is ridiculous, but you stay tuned because of the dirty humour and you just want to see how it ends, even if cliche. The small changes can be appreciated though; with the very deep plunge into sexuality and other issues. It's not for everyone though, as there are times the humour can be crass. If you're up for an adult movie with a little love story though that is cheesy, this movie's for you. 7.5/10

Cayla G (br) wrote: I would tell people to see this as a total joke. It's ridiculous.

Rosa B (it) wrote: This was not as great as I'd imagined it would be :( Most of the fun was in the trailer. Still, quite cool.

Telicia D (au) wrote: love the cheetah girls movie

Pratick R (us) wrote: Elvis is alive... i though it would be a comedy but it was rather poor. the only thing that was good was Elvis but the rest was bad.

Eric H (it) wrote: The story itself is fabulous. The glorious colors reflect the bold, primary-colors used by Douglas Sirk. The use of such bold colors contrasts (intentionally) with the murky moral views which, although ostensibly reasonable, simply put a deceptive smile over racial relations and diversity that are little different than those in the South except for the smile. Without giving away too much, the American dream unravels in glorious, scabrous fashion. The acting, particularly from Moore and Clarkson is of an astonishing caliber and Quaid is not far behind, if at all. A parable indeed about the Danger of the Status Quo, but also a tribute to Sirk films in its treatment of important social issues. Not many outside Todd Haynes, who has worked fabulously in Safe with Moore and other films concerned with commenting on social issues, could make a film that reveals so beautifully the dark side of the suburban idyll.

Stacey D (kr) wrote: A decent film, despite its low budget. Aaron Stanford's first major acting role and he delivers a solid performance.

p b (br) wrote: Just silly, it's not funny and it's a mess. No matter who directed it (Woody Allen).

Stefan K (kr) wrote: The fact that reviewers did not like this film says so much about film criticism and its overall misunderstanding of popular culture criticism.

Wes S (au) wrote: Horrible effects and some silly puppets. The characters are terrible and the story doesn't offer much with a very unsatisfying ending. There's a lot of stupid moments and bad humor, but it makes a great MST3K episode.

Matt M (jp) wrote: Chilean poet Pablo Neruda is exhiled from his country and resides in a southern Italian poor but charming island. There, he befriends and inspired his poor personal postman with his poetry, wisdom and passion. Delightful story of an unlikely friendship in the beginning with an intelligent cultural context not only of poetry and the importance of instruction and education, but also a tribute to one of the world's most passionate poets. The film makes the most out of its Southern Italian setting, and Radford is very careful at telling the story in a none too melancholic way, whilst retaining a dream like nostalgic charm to it all. Troisi's last performance as the postman, he died during production, finally won him the acclaim he so rightly deserved.

Tanner B (es) wrote: Code of Silence (1985) ?? 1/2Better-than-average Norris vehicle, where this time Chuck becomes more of a Dirty Harry character. Nothing great, but it's well made and offers a surprising amount of laughs.

stephanie c (es) wrote: This is the greatest pachco's a classic... must see

Zach M (gb) wrote: I really liked the Allan Quatermain movies when I was a kid. This one isn't nearly as it used to be but is still a good adventure movie.

Jordan K (us) wrote: Grandma's Boy proves itself functional as a Happy Madison film that is better off without Sandler - his frequent buddies that show up occasionally in his films star in Grandma's Boy, a film with a vulgar, edgier feel than most Happy Madison films that sometimes works but fails in its plot.Allen Covert (Y'know, the gay guy from Big Daddy) stars as a pot smoking underachieving video game developer who is stuck living with his grandma and her two wacky roommates temporarily while being evicted from his own house. A lot of partying, hitting the bong, and adding of whimsical characters ensue.Grandma's Boy is, all while still in its usual dumb Happy Madison nature, not that bad. Sandler doesn't haunt the film of his common reeky carelessness and middle school-esque humor, and some of the sheer stupidity of it can be at times funny. Some of the characters actually work as funny, but the scenarios are poor. Grandma's Boy could have worked and had so many opportunities in so many different scenes, but most of the film isn't even about Grandma and instead wants to focus on Allen Covert's wacky game coworkers, such as a socially awkward gaming prodigy hoping to look for girls but is brought down by his weird use of robot sounds - this character, for example, is focused on for about 35% of the film and doesn't matter until the climax. Character development is terrible in the film and the writers tend to favor certain characters that don't matter to the overall story. Grandma's Boy also has a clear attempt, like most recently made Happy Madison films, to be dumb but comparative. Most films starring Sandler want to compare to catching a break from family and friend life, this one is about partying with family and friends. Grandma's Boy is funnier than most Happy Madison films but still needs work, seeming more like the first season of a Comedy Central series than a full length film.

Markus M (ag) wrote: Wonderful lines given to actors (stoppard?), surprises, suspense along with comedy all around. Lovely smaller charcters such as the apothecary/proprietor, the stuttering announcer and Violas Maid. Loved it.

lucy w (ca) wrote: A reserved and world-weary anti-hero, with some secrets behind his back? Check.Gorgeous women as lethal as their incredible beauty? Check.A shady villain mixed into some shady business? Check.One treachery after another, until you don't know who's deceiving who? Check."Out of the Past" must be the title that immediately appears in movie filmmaking books about film noir and one can easily understand why. Jacques Torneur's expert direction of light and shadows perfectly captures the mood of this film genre; and the doomed characters can almost be considered as the ideal stereotypes of any film noir. But most important of all, "Out of the Past" is an excellent picture, dark, complex, a classic on its own right, nevermind to which film genre it belongs to.

Matthew H (ca) wrote: Sneakers borderlines on the goofy sometimes, but overall is a well-put-together drama that is somewhat implausible but never fails to entertain, especially when the movie is at the helms of Redford.