Scusate il ritardo

Scusate il ritardo

Vincenzo, a 30 years old apathetic and lazy man who still lives with his mother, has no job and no desire to improve. He meets Anna and fell in love with her but to keep the relationship alive he has to learn to accept more responsibility.

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Greg R (jp) wrote: Predictable, but a reasonably enjoyable superhero film. A good little bit of fun for the family.

Natalie M (mx) wrote: A fascinating documentary for cinephiles and the general population alike. I hope someone figures out a way to make Z Channel come alive again in a new and relevant way.

Tiina H (mx) wrote: Family first -even if it means marrying the husband of your dead sister. The plot was a bit shallow and nearly disgusting but it was full of drama and emotions like a Bollywood movie should be.

Quincy J (it) wrote: A Bloody anime from the maker of Ghost in the shell and Akira. Intelligent, creative work. Nothing else like it.

Trevor A (it) wrote: Think you've seen all the Spaghetti Westerns. Think again. This one is very good. Stars Lee Van Cleef. Plenty of action and some fun as well.

Tim S (mx) wrote: I should have liked this a bit more than I did. After all, it does have Joseph Cotten and Gregory Peck in it (two of my favorites), but I don't. I can't say the I enjoy seeing a weak woman being weak, and especially not gaining any strength. She almost seems like she's going to be strong toward the end, but cops out. Another reason I feel this film fails is its length. It has 'Gone with the Wind' itis. Tries to be a big sweeping epic about a time and place and the people in it, when it's actually just a private character study trying to be something it's not, with a weak ending. A shame that, because it does have some good things going for it.

Kevin M (es) wrote: it is amazing i think it is funny and enjoyable

Kerri L (es) wrote: Saw this for the first time years ago. It's okay.