SDF-1 Macross: Do You Remember Love?

SDF-1 Macross: Do You Remember Love?

In the next century, a reconfiguring ship (think "Transformer" with a pilot) called Macross carries fifty thousand refugees within its hold as it returns to Earth pursued by giant humanoid ...

In the next century, a reconfiguring ship (think "Transformer" with a pilot) called Macross carries fifty thousand refugees within its hold as it returns to Earth pursued by giant humanoid ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


SDF-1 Macross: Do You Remember Love? torrent reviews

Epifania A (au) wrote: Informative piece of documentary filmmaking, sure. It makes you see how many of us are simply barbarians in upholstered caves."Photography makes us feel that the world is more available than it is." Susan Sontag

Nicolas I (gb) wrote: Losing mind over Dream-storms.

Bradley P (au) wrote: Cleanskin is a heavy handed, predictable, and inefficient effort in storytelling that moves along at a dragging pace that makes the film nearly unwatchable apart from what is marketed as a Sean Bean film. The brief and intermittent scenes of Bean are the pinholes of enjoyment in a blanket covered in cow feces.

Markku R (br) wrote: I liked it, although there was in the end not very much for a guitar player. But the sense of them enjoying what they are doing is present very well. The Weight was a let-down, though.

Luna Mae C (ca) wrote: Prozac needed for the younger generation

Sandy M (br) wrote: luv John in this movie

Esther P (mx) wrote: boring. nicely casted but sadly lacks everything close to a story...

Sam F (es) wrote: Bad acting. Bokeem Woodbine runs from the enemy like a person with special needs. Tom Berenger needs to throw his arm in the air just to look at his watch. Serbs speak Hungarian rather than Serbian. Berenger doesn't even know the difference between a Mauser and a Mosin-Nagant. A Serb asks Woodbine if he is Russian, though he is African-American. This plot is OK, but acting is terrible.

Tiffany n (it) wrote: I recently bought it online and I'm still waiting to see it.

Rendan L (de) wrote: Sleepy Hollow entertains and mildly intrigues without being thoroughly involving. Grade: C-

Jacob B (au) wrote: Just cause... should have called it Just Sucked.It was bad enough at first that it felt like it was going an anti-capital punishment propaganda movie... but then it just went to crap anyways.Dps... Blair Underwood for me is the equivalent a black James Spader... meaning I hate them both.

Jorge G (de) wrote: Aunque falla como casi todas las secuelas con un final rpido y sin pulir, adems de tener un desarrollo algo inspido en la historia, Poltergeist II sobresale por sus interpretaciones, una banda sonora nica y una variedad de increbles efectos especiales.

IsaBella H (nl) wrote: erotic. weird. funny. disturbing. interesting film.

Michael J (br) wrote: incredible and thought provoking rendition of a great play.

Adam R (fr) wrote: A wonderful film, especially when you consider how old it is. It sure holds up well today. Mickey Rooney is inspirational as the legendary American inventor, Tom Edison. The acting is actually quite good from everybody involved with Virginia Weidler and George Bancroft being other standouts. It's a neat movie that everybody should see. (First and only viewing - 1/18/2016)

Shane K (br) wrote: This is a cute an funny movie. I am a diehard Sudeikis fan and found him charming and adorable as always. I enjoyed premise of movie and found it hilarious all way through. I actually wish there was a sequel!

Patrick F (de) wrote: One of my favorite movies. FTW

christopher y (ag) wrote: i love the action in this movie, its one of the best war movies ever made

Elena Y (ru) wrote: good at story telling

Christopher B (es) wrote: Well that was just awful. What a waste of talent.