Se devo essere sincera

Se devo essere sincera

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Ryuji K (au) wrote: All conversations between Kippei Shiina and Kyoko Hasegawa in this film don't work as the script wanted them to do at all. Hard to explain but they just sound so strange.I liked a director, Max Mannix's previous writing work, "Tokyo Sonata". So I was looking forward to seeing this film so much, but very disappointed.

Adrian B (us) wrote: Talented cast unfortunately in dull and uninspiring script and ultimately resulted in very poor movie.

Gabrielle M (ag) wrote: Seems like a rental candidate.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Atheer O (ca) wrote: There is no doubt, the film is in for a powerful message which is much more relevant to America than to me but it's not all that "Great" which I was led to believe prior to the viewing. The jail sequences (the transition period) were by far the best and most powerful in the whole movie. Other than that it was a mixed bag with more good apples than bad ones.

Simon D (it) wrote: Low budget bore fest. This is confusing because you see very little outside of what goes on with the 3 main characters. There is so much padding in this film, including the whole of the last half hour which is just a flashback montage. I'd give this a miss if I were you.

Private U (ag) wrote: I laughed from begining to end. This movie is one I can watch over and over.

Chester L (gb) wrote: my favourite dia. "is it the end? No. Come on, we just start it."

Dean M (kr) wrote: Dakota teen enters the world's most grueling dogsled marathon to save the family farm and earn his college tuition in this gloriously old-fashioned adventure. The picture is beautifully shot, especially the train scenes. The sledding scenes are very good and it is really cold - you can feel it, and so can the actors judging by the breath.The acting is great, the screenplay is all right, history aside it's not too bad. After all, history can be bleak sometimes, and hope springs eternal, we can always dream and imagine right? I enjoyed Mackenzie Astin's performance, and also liked Kevin Spacey's reporter out for the "big story" who in a sense was the biggest underdog of all.

BRUNO V (au) wrote: You see , a western don't have to take more then little 90 minutes to be good ! That fact and Clint is enough for ***/ stars ! SOMDVD

Nathan E (fr) wrote: Fred Astaire plays a horrible friend to Bing Crosby, who opens a Holiday Inn with the help of a lovely lady. When the lady is swept away to Hollywood by Fred, she'll have choose between love or fame and fortune.

David E (ru) wrote: Okay, I watched this film after watching the Metallica music video "One", which contained clips & was inspired by as well. After seeing it, "Johnny Got His Gun" focuses about the never-ending horrors of war & the misleading value of enthusiasm of fighting in war. With flashbacks & unfortunate consequences serving as Joe's views on morality, a sympathetic nurse & the audience are compelled to feel very sorry for him & realize the true horrors of war. With fair acting, a great, yet somber story, & unique visuals, "Johnny Got His Gun" is a great anti-war film alongside "Born on the Fourth of July" & "Platoon". War - What is it good for?

Jarren N (jp) wrote: This is my childhood and one of my all-time favorite Jim Carey movie. (and first movie I've ever seen him in). This movie brings back memories how my brother and I reenact some scenes. Fan of Jim Carey, watch liar liar and have some good laughs!

Andy C (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this romantic tale of love and lust through the written page. The actors have chemistry and the pain of love lost is engaging and heartfelt.