Se Meu Dólar Falasse

Se Meu Dólar Falasse

Bums find $15,000 in trash, but the money belonged to criminals.

Bums find $15,000 in trash, but the money belonged to criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keaton B (us) wrote: Small Town Murder Songs will not win feel good movie of the year, but you will leave it more existentially satisfied than you did Gran Tourino. Too short for there to be a great catharsis, but still gripping. The soundtrack alone makes the movie.

Rick B (de) wrote: For about 2/3 of the movie, I was pleased. The acting was pretty good, and the two plot lines were interesting: a kidnapping and a serial killer torturing a couple of women. I was intrigued and wanted to see how the two stories intertwined. But the last half lost me. It devolved into dumbassery: chicks stand and scream their heads off rather than run, very athletic madman/monster that's everywhere at once, creepy serial killer that no one kills--they just knock him over the head, and he keeps coming after them repeatedly. The ending was terrible--they must've gotten sick of the movie as well and gave up.

Santi S (ag) wrote: Casi parece que he de disculparme por ello, pero es una estupenda pelicula, fudamentada sobre las actuaciones de un elenco sobresaliente.

Hytham E (kr) wrote: ?... ( ? ) ... (C) (C) ?, ... ... 2006 ... ... (C) ... ... _ ? ?... _ ...... (C) ... , ... (C) ... , 6 ... ? ... (R)? ... (C) ... (C) , ... (R)... (R) ? ... , (R) ... (C) ?... ...... ? ...... ?

Robin D (de) wrote: Fun to watch at least once.

Dylan V (mx) wrote: Eddie Murphy dresses like Michael Jackson and performs stand up back when he was still funny.

Sandi H (br) wrote: Excellent movie and great actress

Joshua B (br) wrote: One of my favorite movies from my childhood. The mixture of adventure, magic and danger with a splash of comedy leaves the viewer with a fulfilled moment of giddiness.

Brian P (ca) wrote: enjoyable watch at best just a bit long in the tooth without a lot going on

Yasemin Y (it) wrote: A well acted and well written movie.

Matthew H (ca) wrote: Creating the kind of horror movie genre satire that the Scream movies did so well, "Summer" does it so much weaker and with less fun. The movie is very blas, and I found myself bored while watching it. Jennifer Love Hewitt does nothing to the character, and all the other performances are banal as well.

Russ B (ru) wrote: 3/2/2017: A really good and entertaining film. Wolverine was the main character, which was great. I would have liked to see more action from him though.