Se1: Evan's Baby

Se1: Evan's Baby

When wannabe ganster Evans falls into dealing drugs, all hell breaks loose. With a new baby and no way to pay, his stash is stolen and someone will die.

When wannabe ganster Evans falls into dealing drugs, all hell breaks loose. With a new baby and no way to pay, his stash is stolen and someone will die. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lauren P (fr) wrote: I thought this was a cute movie! Andy Griffith is adorable and SO funny! His performance is spot on. Also thought Marla Sokoloff, Doris Roberts,and Liz Sheridan's characters were extremely likable and cute. Have never seen Paul Campbell in anything before but thought he was great as well! Took off 1 star because even though I thought it was pretty well written, it can be kind of cheesy and predictable at times. Definitely worth checking out!One more thing. Don't watch this with your children. Lots of innuendos. Wait until they've gone to bed!

Wayne P (us) wrote: I loved Vivicas agent she was friggin hilarious. and the whole hotel scene when she found out about Robert was classic, i told you you were the only woman. then the married couple in the resturaunt...funny as h...

Jesus H (es) wrote: awesome movie better than probably you'd think

Pete S (ag) wrote: Mr. 3000 is correctly named. Exactly 3000 seconds into the movie (5 minutes), I could already predict where the story was headed, and how disinterested I was going to be. Taking a ridiculous premise in a genre ripe for parody, Mr. 3000 goes through many cliches on its way to its ending. Like Stan Ross (Bernie Mac), it swings and misses for strike 3 too many times. After reaching his 3000th hit, Barry Bonds acolyte Stan Ross (Mac) quits baseball during his team's pennant race. Using that number as a lifestyle, he sets up his post-baseball career very nicely for himself. However, due to a stat glitch, he finds out years later that he only has 2997 hits. To make sure his moniker stays in tact, he rejoins the Brewers well past his prime, and learns the true meaning of teamwork and reconnects with an ESPN reporter (Angela Bassett). The baseball parts are fine, but not too spectacular (Bernie Mac looks like he could be a good hitter), and the team dynamics are subtely explored. However, the shift in character seems much too abrubt especially considering who Ross is "learning from." I doubt Stan Ross would listen to his younger teammates so quickly. The chemistry is sort of present between Basset and Mac, but it doesn't particulary fit with the family movie feelings the movie is trying to convey. Also, her character seems like a stronger woman; it is surprising seeing her worked over by someone as repugnant through and through as Stan Ross. Mac's comedy is naturally abrasive, and from his TV shows he can find the right use of it to get across his point. Here though, it seems particularly hostile. It would seem the only reason to hang out with the man is his name, but even that can grow old after a while. The jokes become so abrasive by the end they felt like sandpaper on skin. Though showing flashes of a good movie, Mr. 3000 meddles in cliches and untapped potential that it turns rotten very quickly. Being a fan of Bernic Mac, it was sad to see him used in such a sad way. Hopefully, he uses reviews like this one for crafting his wonderful sense of humor. I believe in Bernie Mac; I gave up on Mr. 3000.

Joe G (us) wrote: A high spirited musical that shines a light on college football's impact on college in the 1920's. Peter Lawford and June Allyson dazzle, as does the entire cast (especially in the dance numbers). Rarely do I enjoy musicals, but when it involves a member of the Rat Pack, it's got to be good.

Al M (gb) wrote: Scream and Scream Again is a truly bizarre and twisted piece of horror cinema that doesn't ultimately work as well as it might have. Still, it is an intensely enjoyable B-Movie featuring Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing--Cushing only appears briefly however. Essentially, the film is a police procedural in which cops try to track down a psycho who has been picking up young women from clubs and killing them. Once they catch the killer, they realize that he is something more than human and something more than a mere psycho--it points to a much larger conspiracy and totalitarianism. Cheesy, crazy, and fun, Scream and Scream Again is not a high point in the career of its actors, but it is still a delightful evening's worth of entertainment for fans of the Corman and Hammer era of horror.

Tim H (ca) wrote: It's a light-hearted Moulin Rouge! (Or, for sticklers, La Traviata.) There's not a lot that is really going for Pal Joey. I mean, sure, it is a fun time and a great time with Frank Sinatra. But is there a lot of depth to this movie? Not really. Honestly, this movie is a very safe film that really doesn't tug at the heartstrings in any direction. Sure, you kind of feal for Kim Novak, but you just think that Rita Hayworth is kind of a b*tch. The thing is, there are no bad guys in this movie and I think that is what really kills it. There is this really clear and obvious conflict going on. I mentioned Moulin Rouge! at the beginning of the review and it is that with a bit of a gender switch. Instead of a prostitute forced to do her job under threat of punishment and murder, we really have a nightclub singer who prostitutes himself for the advancement of his career. Sure, all the right morals are taught in the end, but that's because the characters are far too willing to give up their goals for the sake tha thte movie needs an unrealistically cheery feel. Really, the draw for this movie is the music. I mean, this is Frank Sinatra playing a lounge singer. Really, there's no stretch of imagination to how he got this part. He's done other musicals, like Guys and Dolls, but at least he keeps to the notes pretty accurately. Pal Joey is where he got "The Lady is a Tramp" from. Yeah, he's not exactly pushing his boundaries on this one. It's very cool to hear him sing it for the first time in this movie. But another joy to the movie is Kim Novak. I haven't seen Kim Novak in a lot of stuff besides Vertigo. What's really odd (and slightly creepy if you think about it) is that Kim Novak is absolutely stunning. A regular bombshell in this movie. But in some ways, she looks like a real person. You always see these Hollywood romances and the girl could rarely ever exist in reality. That's not exactly the way it plays out in this movie. There is one absolutely fantastic scene that kind of sold the movie for me. There is this moment in the film where she is forced to strip publically to save her job. Frank stops her, but you see that she has a genuine shyness about the entire thing. She keeps her professionalism, sure, but you can kind of see the torture and suffering in her eyes. While she is beautiful, and maybe because she is beautiful, you don't want to see her hurt. She is already in a place that she clearly doesn't love with her life, but it is what she has and wishes to get away from all these problems. One of the main things I had problems with was the fact that manipulation worked in this movie. Kim Novak's Ms. English saw through Joey's confidence and gave him a taste of his own medicine. But then she all of the sudden falls in love with him. Also, the guy who was in love with Novak has no objections to Joey's lifestyle and greed. While I understand that it is important to have that romance blossom, I just didn't believe it when I saw it. I even understand why there was animosity between the two characters, but going from zero to sixty in no time flat just left me a bit cold with this movie. I also have to say that I was not really impressed with Rita Hayworth's performance. I am aware that this movie took forever to get into development and Hayworth was originally cast as Ms. English, but she really doesn't suit that stuffy older part as well as she should. I understand that she still looks pretty good for her age, but I just felt uncomfortable with that entire relationship. I really wanted to like her part, but it just wasn't happening for me. I have to stress that this movie isn't terrible. It's actually pretty entertaining. It just really lacks substance and that's something that I usually beg for in movies. I don't regret watching this one and might even watch it again, but there's a lot holding this back that could have been fixed if some risks were taken.

Nate T (br) wrote: Part of The Criterion Collection and on Blu-ray.

Ray J (au) wrote: A well made and suspenseful western.

Harim K (it) wrote: a lighthearted war movie involving a pink submarine and a bunch of women's undergarments