Sea Level

Sea Level

Pup discovers human poachers stealing eggs from his reef. As he leaves the sea to rescue the eggs he'll enter the dangerous world of humans.

Pup discovers human poachers stealing eggs from his reef. As he leaves the sea to rescue the eggs he'll enter the dangerous world of humans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (it) wrote: There has been some question as to how much of this story of Petey Greene is accurate. Nonetheless, these are outstanding performances from Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor that deserve kudos. The characters are fabulously well developed and the story is poignant.

Martin P (mx) wrote: A very well made and under rated film. You do not have to be a football fan to enjoy this. The story line is of a young boy whose father returns home to the Ruhr area of Germany from a Russian Prisoner of War camp in the early 1950s. The boy has no recollection of his father and much of the story evolves around the man and his children trying hard but struggling to re-adjust to life again as a family. Eventually the boy and his father learn to love each other and bond whilst following the German national football team as they progress to the 1954 World Cup Final in Switzerland. This is a thoroughly enjoyable film from beginning to end.

Cooper H (de) wrote: Following three escaped convicts and their journey for treasure takes them on an interesting path to kidnapping, the KKK, and becoming famous singers. It has it's fun moments but not very captivating.

Larry W (de) wrote: I feel like the people who made this movie had the same mindset Joker did when burned that pile of money.

doris c (ag) wrote: good....romantic......

Greg W (mx) wrote: Interesting take on Wild Bill Hickock, again mixing more fable with his real life

Diana S (gb) wrote: Some really funny parts punctuate the almost incessant conflict.

Lee M (it) wrote: Fairly lukewarm sequel to an American classic. Has its moments, but not enough of them.

Mike J (es) wrote: Still love this movie...

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Craig C (mx) wrote: One of the strongest anit-war statement committed to film. More relevant now than when it was released. Essential.

Aaron M (jp) wrote: Its nice to have something different blended into a rom com. Luckily I like my sport and this just worked as a film. Both Bettany and Dunst play very likeable characters however Wimbledon is riddled with predictable behaviour and unforgivably cheesy lines. Its a shame cause it has an originality about it. Overall its well paced, entertaining and wasn't too heavy on a romance scale, enabling me to enjoy it.