Sea of Death

Sea of Death

In the German North Sea a new cellular life form endangers mankind.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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In the German North Sea a new cellular life form endangers mankind. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sea of Death torrent reviews

Brendan N (ag) wrote: pegg saves this film with a strong lead role. the rest of the film is dark and off putting.

Justin A (nl) wrote: *spoilers ahead*I don't know what I expected. I loved the first Rec, but hated Rec 2, didn't like Rec 3, didn't like Quarantine, and Quarantine 2 was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. So why did I think I would have any sort of love for this movie?It's pretty much exactly what I expected, except now they're retroactively changing the plot. This movie is like they were trying to write away the problems with Rec 2 while also plausibly explaining the things that happened in Rec 2 (none of it makes sense btw). So they have completely dismissed the whole religious, devil aspect of the film. It's back to being just a virus (as it always should have been). That was good, but their explanation makes no sense.So there's this host creature that lives in the main girl (supposedly) that carries the virus. The big twist at the end of the movie is that the worm-like creature leaves the carrier to find another vessel so it is able to survive. So the twist is that the carrier the entire time was the guy hero who rescued the heroine earlier in the film. What makes zero sense to me here is why he didn't just kill her in the building that he found her once the host was inside of him. Since the creature is capable of controlling the minds of its victims, why did he decide to rescue her? If he had just left her in the building when it was going to be blown up or just killed her right there then the virus would EASILY have survived without any of this movie taking place.The movie is like watching a modern Resident Evil game. I guess some enjoy that, but as a movie it's lame. The action isn't bad, but this is all familiar territory and it isn't scary (like the first film) or interesting. I know this series has its fans, so I'm sure they'll love this movie (and despite its flaws, it's probably the second best in the series), but I didn't like it.

Robert M (ag) wrote: I love martial arts movies, even bad ones... But this is on another level of absolute crap

Josh M (es) wrote: Surprisingly good movie with a really bad ending.

Keven B (ru) wrote: The movie's good, but for a romantic comedy, it's not enough comedically romantic

Amanda H (ag) wrote: Good one! Tragic and lovely. A surprise. Jennifer Tully was wonderful playing a blind woman. Jude did good too!

Ricky H (jp) wrote: I am not a fan of romance movies but I did watch this one with my wife. What I saw was formula being played out in a big way. Nothing made this movie any different than any other romance movie. The acting was great by Gallagher, but the plot was loose and slow and the formulaic nature was a lot to get past. It would have been a much better movie if they had tried to do something new. The plot was new, but they just never resurrected potential that died with the first cliche.

Kevin S (kr) wrote: They don't make teen movies like this anymore. This great eighties movie is about a kid who falls in love with this girl and the only way he can take her out is if he gets his drivers license. After he fails the exam he goes out anyway with his friends and the girl on a wild night on the town and have this big adventure running into one mishap after another. This is an excellent example of how great movies were in the eighties. Both Corey haim and Corey Feldman proved why they were a commodity in the eighties. This movie is so funny and entertaining the whole way through. This is so much fun I would recommend to anyone who has not seen it yet. Buckle up because this a wild and fun ride.

Justin O (jp) wrote: Bigfoot never looked so wimpy before.

Anil T (ag) wrote: imagine something like Conan, but with bad kung-fu instead of swords. Bruce Lee wanted to film this so as to enlighten people about the spirituality of martial arts. the film would have been better if there was a little more action. OBSUCRE TRIVIA: I don't know if this is actually true or not, but i read that the flute that David Carradine plays in the Kill Bill movies is the same one as he plays here. Apparently Carradine kept it and Tarantino (who supposedly a big fan of this film) asked him to bring it and play it in his movies.....

George N (us) wrote: Another classic of the Japanese samurai genre.

Sherry L (ag) wrote: "If you want to see a star, look at me"; Zarah Leander said. If you want to see a diva, watch Tonight or Never, I say. This is one of Gloria Swanson's few movies with sound. Here she plays a celebrated opera singing bird, who starts to lose her gleam as she is getting bored with her life. Perhaps love to a certain gent may help her to gain her sparkle again. That certain gent is played by the great Melvyn Douglas. The story is pretty thin. It's not a bad movie, but don't expect any Sunset Boulevard. This is mainly for Swanson-fans.

Andrew M (es) wrote: Despite the execution that clearly swings towards the outrageous, the National Lampoon's Vacation series has always had this strong sense of relatability to it. Clark Griswold's constant vacation plans, no matter how big of a failure they may be, are always rooted in his strong desire to simply provide the best experience for his family. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation follows suit, and perhaps does so in the most relatable manner in that its confined almost solely to the Griswold residence. While the antics are certainly outrageous in that National Lampoon style, consistent with the previous two films, they're not really anything that feels out of the ordinary for any household. Just about anyone can relate to wacky family members, electrical failures, and dinner that just didn't turn out right; Christmas Vacation is home to all of these and so much more. Aside from its relatability, it's also expectedly amusing: John Hughes returns to his writing duties and jams the film with tons of memorable jokes and sequences to balance out the sense of heart. Chevy Chase is once again so lovably nave, perfecting the deadbeat, slapstick sense of humor needed for Clark Griswold. Alongside him, Beverly D'Angelo is a warming presence amid the chaos as the always calm Ellen Griswold, and Randy Quaid's Cousin Eddie is infectiously funny as the oddball family member whose heart is certainly bigger than his brain, as Clark puts it. It serves as a directorial debut for Jeremiah Chechik, and the result is a surefire Christmas classic and another solid entry in the series.