Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines

Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines

Seal Team Eight must fight their way deep into Africa's Congo, decommission a secret uranium mine, and stop our most dangerous enemy from smuggling weapon's grade yellow-cake out of the country.

Seal Team Eight have to penetrate Congo in Africa on duty to terminate the operation of a secret uranium mine and prevent the most dangerous enemy from smuggling weapons out of the country. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MariaIsabel R (gb) wrote: This movie is a political statement against the role of Government. They throw in some rant against universal health insurance while they are at it.

Todd S (it) wrote: As a long time fan of James Patterson's Alex Cross novels, I thought Morgan Freeman was the perfect choice to play Cross, and I loved Kiss The Girls. I was weary of a remake, especially one done by Tyler Perry, but to my surprise he was much better than expected, unfortunately, the film was not. Alex Cross has always been about beating criminals with his mind. The forensic psychologist is best known for his ability to out think rather than over power his opponents, but you'd never know it by watching this film. Alex Cross and his team are called in on a triple homicide, but the suspect had more on his mind then just his targets, and sets his sights on Cross and the team. There is a heavy focus right from the beginning on the bad guy, who we immediately see is Matthew Fox. To me this took all the mystery right out of the story, and instead of being a who done it, the film was about how to catch the bad guy. The writers didn't do that right either, as Alex Cross is blinded by rage and goes out guns blazing to fight and kill the assailant. While this may make for an exciting action film, it's not who or what Alex Cross is all about, and despite all the novels I've read, I felt like I didn't know the characters at all. Tyler Perry stars as Cross and shows that he's more than just a comedian dressed as an old woman. Perry was very intense and likeable, under different circumstances I would have really enjoyed his performance, but again, he wasn't playing the Alex Cross I know. He's paired with Lost's Matthew Fox, who has played the bad guy before. I love Fox as an actor, but he just doesn't have the look or temperament of a killer and wasn't very believable here. Alex Cross is one of my all time favorite characters, and the first time they put him on film, they did it right. The second time, wasn't one of Patterson's better stories, but still very well done. This time, Alex Cross has turned into John McLean, and while some people will love it, to me it just emphasized everything that is wrong with Hollywood today.

Cole E (br) wrote: A movie that is clearly inspired by many great films and filmmakers: Japanese martial arts movies, grindhouse horror movies, and Quentin Tarantino films especially, but inspiration from great films doesn't always leave you with a great film. The story is ridiculous, even though the filmmakers believe it's an intelligent mindbender. The acting is mediocre, even from a veteran like Mark Hamill. But there can occasionally be interesting dialogue between the over-acting characters, and the violence is gruesome and fun to watch. The movie tries too hard, but it's decent enough.

Pavandeep S (mx) wrote: I actually watched this before I actually saw either the original Japanese version or even the first of the series. It isn't particularly good, there was a nice scene, but I don't recall where, the acting was irritating as hell, was she supposed to have a British accent or something, it just sounds so irritating.

Andrew M (it) wrote: There's no denying that Apocalypto is an unprecedented technical marvel of a film. Mel Gibson makes the brave choice of shooting the entire two hour and twenty minute picture entirely in the Yucatan Maya language (with English subtitles to guide us) and with indigenous Mexican and Native American actors, not unlike his past directorial outing, The Passion of the Christ. The jungle and Mayan temple sets are breathtaking, and the costumes and makeup the cast are decked out in are so elaborate and detailed. Gibson directs with such brutality and power, especially during the action sequences. Every club blow and arrow penetration is painful not only to the unfortunate souls onscreen, but to us, the viewers, as well. As the third act devolves entirely into a nail-biting chase sequence, the kills become more and more raw, and more and more creative as well. It's a huge undertaking, and further proof that Gibson doesn't get enough credit for his work as a director.But a lot of Apocalypto gets lost in translation somewhere along the line. The story has its moments of deep emotion and thought-provoking themes, but at its core, it's a simple story of a man taken from his family who will do anything he can to return to them. This journey is oddly paced: the first act builds up nicely, but it's not until the end of the second act and transition into the third that the film finds its fast pace again, leaving a good hour or so that feels rather uneventful, outside of scattered scenes of violence. Perhaps a few quieter moments to reflect on our main character would give this journey the emotional impact it needs.Overall, it's kind of hard to recommend Apocalypto. On one hand, it's perhaps the most technically impressive film of the past ten years, and the third act is absolutely breathtaking in its viscerality. The story, however, might leave a lot desired for some. If you're interested in seeing just how ambitious Mel Gibson is behind the camera, check it out.

Mike G (ru) wrote: Clearly written for people who actually played Final Fantasy VII, but speaking as an anime fan who never has, it is neither less enjoyable nor much harder to follow, if you're open to the experience.

Vincent C (br) wrote: You cannot just watch this movie once. It has so much depth, and it's just oozing with allusions and metaphors. Satoshi Kon doesn't spoon feed the audience information, but rather gives them hints here and there and allows them to fill in the gap themselves. It's just good story telling and the art is beautiful and the music is interesting. I have never loved a movie as much as I love Paprika.

Benjamin C (it) wrote: A tradition with our family. Totally funny!

William D (mx) wrote: Amazing anime movie, representing the decadence of the government on society and underground experiments.

Chase V (gb) wrote: Weirdly cheesy and melodramatic, but oh so good.

Jeremy R (ag) wrote: Corny sequel to the great original.

James F (au) wrote: pretty good, early Tommy Lee and Linda

Cameron C (kr) wrote: There's not many ratings for this movie. So, I'm going to write one. This movie is very impressive. I bet people do not know that this movie was made on a tight budget and finished with credit cards. It shows the embarassing reality of how limited black actors can be in the movies. I think this movie should be recommended for young black actors who need to be reminded that they too can play any role they desire and have integrity.

Philip L (ag) wrote: Saw it on netflix so my expectations were not incredibly high. I liked it a lot more than the pro film reviewers.Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds are fascinating to watch in anything except Green Lantern.

Erik O (au) wrote: A brother is institutionalized after killing his family, only to return years later to finish off his remaining sister--her name is Laura, by the way; kind of sounds like Laurie, doesn't it? As in Laurie Strode. Give me a break. The killer even drives a station wagon, just like Mikey did. And there's plenty more "convenient similarities" where that came from. It's yet another low-budget, blatant rip-off of 'HALLOWEEN'. Sure, it's one of the better ones, but that's not exactly saying much.