Inspired by actual events: This heroic saga depicts an elite counter-terrorism team's black ops incursion into Iraq four days prior to Operation: Desert Shield and the harrowing consequences its members faced when their covert mission was compromised.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   ocean,   rocket,  

Inspired by actual events: This heroic saga depicts an elite counter-terrorism team's black ops incursion into Iraq four days prior to Operation: Desert Shield and the harrowing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marjeta M (gb) wrote: This was really funny and really interesting.

Thomas P (kr) wrote: Fascinating. So these moon walkers are older, wiser, and boy do they have stories!Brilliant.The stock videos of rockets, the grainy, 60's interviews, and recent commentary all get mixed together in a perfect blend that put you in the cockpit with them to enjoy all the awe & wonder..

Oscar S (au) wrote: We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter. -- Denis Diderot

HungYa L (kr) wrote: I do not normally fancy particularly inspiring movies but Seabiscuit is pretty good to watch. And in my humble opinion, probably one of the best Tobey Maguire works after Pleasantville.

G F (br) wrote: [font=Times New Roman][size=3]Good thought provoking movie, well acted for a low budget movie.[/size][/font]

Michael H (fr) wrote: This movie is actually really cool.

Meredith N (us) wrote: Movie Gem of the Week: I loved it...nothing more to say.

danny d (au) wrote: as most people have never even heard of this movie, i think people would be greatly surprised by the superb cast including mickey rourke, adrien brody, and tupac shakur. the film has a tendancy to be a bit formulaic in spots, but entertaining and worthwhile non the less.

Kris C (gb) wrote: When innocently and against their knowledge two shoeshine boys assist a burglary, they find themselves in a financial position to purchase the horse they've always dreamed of. However eventually when their past catches up with them their friendship will be tested to the highest degree. Another brilliant De Sica film focusing on the plight of the impoverished in post-War Rome.

Gregory W (es) wrote: good stuff dietrich (again!) plays a prostitute but gives an amazing subtle performance here.

Chris C (mx) wrote: I have to say... the title was a little bit misleading. I was expecting a typical mid 60's camp horror film, but instead a got an adaptation of Lovecraft. A little slow moving, the main characters are annoying as hell, and the monster at the end was a bit silly. But overall, the story and the atmosphere make this actually quite watchable. That and Karloff rules.

Jennifer T (ru) wrote: Finally watched this movie on BlueRay. What a piece of garbage. 1st of all, why are all the people who are supposed to be French, speaking in British English accents??? Don't you think an intelligent reviewer would pick up on that? How's that for stretching reality and the truth of the original story. But then again, this is Hollywood at it's clumsiest...There seem to be 2 directors that always get a pass from every reviewer, no matter how bad their movies are - Martin Scorsese and Tim Burton. Even when they make really crappy movies, the reviewers praise them falsely. The main character in Hugo, Asa Butterfield was completely miss-cast asusual. He has no emotion, and a completely flat performance that sucks. He has no charisma to draw the audience in and that is the same lousy performance he does in every film he is in. The rest of the cast is merely adequate to this disjointed, confusing mismatch of 2 different stories that get "lost in translation", as they are not as the "book" tells it. Yes, the cinematographer does a great job with the outrageous budget the studio gave them, and the film's photography is very pretty.However, if Scorsese wants to do a film about the history of movies, let him write his own from beginning to end and not piggyback it as a con and a distortion on the back of a far superior writer.I do not recommend this movie at all. It is a complete waste of film, money, and time. The book was great, this movie is an Unbelievable piece of junk.