Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy

A satire about desperate hustling, pop philosophy and big money.

A satire about desperate hustling, pop philosophy and big money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph F (kr) wrote: Capturing what it's like to be homeless in NYC without being all "cinematic" about it. Makes you feel grateful for having a roof over your head.

Manolo P (mx) wrote: Above all, there is one thing that is not considered in the criticism: if Gibson really wanted to rely on history to create a film, "Apocalypto" was not even close to realizing a seriously realistic work of what happened in Mayan culture and its Spanish invasion. Even this movie gravely insults this civilization through what is projected, resulting an obscene and grotesque screenplay that truly underestimates Mesoamerican's events and heritage.

Maggie F (fr) wrote: Sotigui Kouyat is wonderful.

Toti A (ag) wrote: May mga funny moments. Buti na lang hindi ko napanood sa sinehan.

Christopher S (au) wrote: Apparently Wayne Crawford is in this! AND Sherilyn Fenn!?! A must see!

Janel E (mx) wrote: actually pretty good for a western

James B (de) wrote: This was really good! A great feel good movie. I thought it was really well done.

Christopher B (br) wrote: So sad to see such a great man intentionally write, direct, edit, and release such a sour turkey of a film. If there was a tongue-in-cheek joke here I totally missed it. (just a thousands misinterpreted his radio broadcast back in 1938, maybe?)