Search Party

Search Party

Two oafs must rescue their stranded pal in Mexico.

Distraught over the realization that they scared away their best friend Nardo';s fiancée, hard-partying pals Evan and Jason set out on a wild journey to reunite the estranged couple. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jose V (fr) wrote: i want 2 see the movie

Lee D (de) wrote: Not everyone's cup of tea but I really liked it.

Gary K (ca) wrote: Though the explanation for the "zerophilia" is never explained, the situation presents a challenge for the audience: what is gender in relationships? Director Curland provides a couple of interesting twists and never gets political or heavy-handed in his storytelling. Though not necessarily a well-executed production, the clever story keeps it interesting.

Tim P (ru) wrote: In my top 10 I think. Excellent entertaining movie.

christopher t (es) wrote: cool movie bruce and sam l Jackson rock mr irons needs to play a bad guy in a bond movie

Justin K (de) wrote: Loved this movie since the first time I've seen it. Can't say anything negative and even though its a 1989 movie and its 2014, I would watch it again and again.

Candy R (au) wrote: Funny comedy about a tramp who tries to kill himself in a rich family's swimming pool. They take him in. Good cast.

Chris C (nl) wrote: A bit cheesy at times, but an overall enjoyable film for it's time.

Angie (ag) wrote: What a powerful movie. If you can find it, watch it, it will make you laugh, cry and think

Hannah M (mx) wrote: Hey, it's On the Town, except without that third guy nobody remembers! And, well, without Leonard Bernstein songs, so they're not as good. Despite that, the story is a lot of fun, if pretty conventional, and it does have a couple *fantastic* dance sequences. I'll take Gene Kelly any day over any other famous dancer. Even dances as gimmicky as his dance with Jerry are wonderful to watch, when I would be uninterested if anyone else did it. The movie's worth watching for his dancing alone. Skip any songs where dancing isn't happening.

Krystof Z (us) wrote: Costa-Gavras about Nazi-Germany. True and strong.

Brian G (au) wrote: Not just regular kid movie bad. Foul violent and immoral. What kind of "kid" movie graphically burns a dog to death?