Seattle Superstorm

Seattle Superstorm

An object is shot down over Seattle and the debris begins to effect the local weather ultimately threatening the whole world.

NASA scientist Tom Reynolds thought everything would be fine when he moved to Seattle to be with his fiancé, Navy Lieutenant Emma Peterson. But when his gearhead son Wyatt can't stop ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shantel D (de) wrote: I'm putting this one right in the middle. The story appealed to me, even though it's been done (what hasn't??), BUT it's filmed pretty poorly. It's pretty much just trees and feet for an hour and a half. What wasn't trees and feet, was irritating girls and poor sound. I'm torn, but I'm definitely leaning towards the bad side.

Chok S (de) wrote: a very stupid, nonsense, and funny film! very enjoyable if you like the brainless comedy style movie with 'zemons' [B+]

Henrique T (ag) wrote: It changed my mind about black and white and silent films. Jean Dujardin and B (C)r (C)nice Bejo both were fantastic. I don't want it to win best picture at the scars but if it does I would understand.

Joseph G (fr) wrote: Carefully constructed soap, fragrance free and a minimum of bubbles. Its theme continues to show 'tis a man's world. The bathers clearly enjoy their frolic in the tub, but three is definitely a crowd.

Marc S (ag) wrote: Saw this last night in Amsterdam and was thoroughly engaged. Great Father Son dynamics, acting, camera work and photography. We had the added benefit to enjoy a facilitated group discussion. Highly recommend this movie to those looking for a movie that makes you think about the dynamics, oneself and those you know.

Barry K (br) wrote: formulaic... but mildly entertaining looking. I'll definitely wait for this to come to video.

Alex r (jp) wrote: Faster is the entry in Mark Neale terrific trilogy about the competitive world of motorcycle racing. Neale goes into the action, uncovers some of the sport's greatest racer, new and old and delivers a vivid, compelling and well made documentary. The sport of MotoGP is dangerous and we see the men who race these machines, who would risk it all to be the greatest in the sport. Faster looks at the passion of each man that wants to be the best. Although not as great as Fastest, I really enjoyed this one, however it lacked in terms of really going in the action, and that's something that Fastest did so well. Despite its flaws, this is an entertaining documentary that should deliver the thrills that Moto fans should be looking for. I enjoyed the footage of John Hopkins, and I really think he's a great rider. This is a fine film that overcomes its flaws, and despite its limitations, overcomes its limitations and delivers a memorable viewing experience that will surely entertain you from start to finish. Mark Neale goes into his subject with this film, and though it is not as fulfilling as Fastest, manages to be a film worth seeing and one that is worth seeing. Mark Neale is a great filmmaker and he proves that with this film, along with the subsequent sequels. There's plenty of excitement here and it is never dull, boring or tiresome. This is a must see documentary that delivers the thrills of the sport of Moto Gp, and it's only topped with the 2011 sequel, Fastest. This is documentary filmmaking at a whole new level.

Pete S (au) wrote: Good if you just want to watch a movie and laugh - no thinking required

Graham M (mx) wrote: Despite the controversy about his casting, Christopher Lee gives an excellent and believable performance as Jinnah and conveys the complex character perfectly. There are some issues with the film however; I disliked the frame story of him looking back on his life after death as detracted from the gravity and historical accuracy and made it a little too much like A Christmas Carol. It is also nowhere near as deep or epic as the counterpart film about Gandhi by Richard Attenborough. Also, they misspelled Lee's name in the credits, which annoyed me.

Kyle C (es) wrote: Stallone's best work since Rocky, a great soundtrack to go with this and is definitely worth watching even if David Mendenhall's character is a whiny brat and there's only so much of him you can take before you want to throw something at him, but still a great movie and one of my favorites.

Roche F (kr) wrote: The story is cack, but the music and the atmosphere are great. Very scouse, rough at the edges. I still enjoyed it, so balls to the critics.

Alex r (ag) wrote: Road movies are really interesting in terms of generating effective scares and there is something about the open road that evokes a true sense of helplessness in the viewer. Richard Franklin delivers a real chiller that is a unique viewing experience. This film mixes various genres into one picture, and is a tense experience from start to finish. This is a well executed horror tale that relies on old fashioned suspense to increase the feel of dread in the viewer. The result is a pulse pounding memorable picture that is among the better films in the genre. The cast do a great job in their roles, and I really enjoyed Stacy Keach as Pat Quid the lone trucker who picks up hitchhiker Jamie Lee Curtis. What ensues is a horrifying cat and mouse game. Quid gets suspected of the disappearance of a hitchhiker who was murdered by the man who is terrorizing Quid. Keach and Curtis have great on-screen chemistry and they both work very well together. Road games is a very good psychological horror thriller that is a must see movie for genre fans. The film has some Hitchcock overtones and echoes Spielberg's Duel in a way. This is a very entertaining movie that is underrated and deserves to be rediscovered by fans of the genre. Director Richard Franklin who also directed Psycho II and Patrick directs this accomplished road horror movie and does a great job at delivering constant shocks in the viewer. A film like this proves that you only need the basics to create the ultimate in horror and this one rivals many modern genre films as a far superior outing due to the fact that it uses old school ideas to create tension on-screen.

Brad S (ca) wrote: This classic French New Wave film from Jean-Luc Godard is one of his more accessible films. it's really energetic and a lot of fun, especially the dance sequence. The camera definitely loves Anna Karina. This is a must watch for all serious film fans, Tarantino named his Production company after it.

Chris C (mx) wrote: The stoner version of The Hangover. Zoltan!

Hugo G (de) wrote: Funny and very well acted! ~December 10, 2014~

Eliabeth C (ru) wrote: 2 stars. Incomplete story for me. All potato no meat. It was interesting but when it started to get good it was over.