Rome, AD 303. Emperor Diocletian demotes his favourite, Sebastian, from captain of the palace guard to the rank of common soldier and banishes him to a remote coastal outpost where his fellow soldiers, weakened by their desires, turn to homosexual activities to satisfy their needs. Sebastian becomes the target of lust for the officer Severus, but repeatedly rejects the man's advances. Castigated for his Christian faith, he is tortured, humiliated and ultimately killed.

300 A.D. : the Roman Sebastianus is exiled to a remote outpost populated exclusively by men. Weakened by their desires, these men turn to homosexual activities to satisfy their needs. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paddy W (au) wrote: is this the movie where they glued bits on to real lizards?

Zach R (ag) wrote: Revealing less about yourself is a trait highly valued among thieves which resonates favorably through Val Kilmer's onscreen presence; there may be little to pin when looking for the secret, but perhaps the mystery is best kept under wraps so not to spoil the fun.

Anna Q (jp) wrote: I hate when they put new actors as the same characters.

Pavan R (us) wrote: A deep and almost melancholy look on urban life and the aims of the young and how financial aims outrun any other ambition. A good representation of the interaction between two people who just don't get along. The director had a lot of potential, unfortunately he died after making this one.

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Ewan M (kr) wrote: Sometimes it seems like Bresson's late colour films get short shrift, but yet they are among his best and most mesmeric work. This physicality and earthiness of the world he depicts moves far beyond simple realism (it is quite far from realistic in the way the characters are always wearing armour, for example), though it's not for all tastes.

donald d (br) wrote: One step beyond "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" Ruth Gordon vs. Geraldine Page. Clash of the Titans!

Jenna I (br) wrote: God awful film, what were reviewers thinking? This is such a holdover of the 90s if not the 80s. Awful acting all around. Awful costumes. Cheesy camerawork. Stupid cartoony characters. Ridiculous narration. Historically all over the place. Stupid 'moral' ending that's meaningless. This entire film is an embarrassment, what was Scorsese thinking?

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