Sebastians Verden

Sebastians Verden

Sebastians world is full of raw violence and cynicism. He'll go to any length to fulfill his dream of a life in absolute luxury. But then he'll have commit a crime after another. Still Sebastian is nice to the ones he love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan J (au) wrote: FAR from Sin City, but I actually liked this movie. It's not that great or anything, but I did enjoy it. The hate is warranted because this film has a fair amount of issues, however I think the hate is a bit excessive. Overall, I had a pretty good time with The Spirit. It's certainly top-notch from a visual standpoint.

Private U (fr) wrote: Miriam Yeung is the reason for watching this film. :P (07032006)

Vadim S (kr) wrote: A great llittle movie that painfully hits very close to home.

Rick B (it) wrote: The opening scene was pretty good, but the rest of the movie was a sorry excuse for sex/nudity and bad gore.

Mehdi B (de) wrote: A Masterpiece ! Eric Valli spent 3 years in this village with them teaching how to act !!! Unbelievable.

Lovro H (it) wrote: Oh dear, this was weird. Welcome to the Dollhouse is about the life of a 7th grader who has a very hard time in school and at home because of her siblings who seem to be taking every inch of attention. This movie is basicaly about Dawn, the 7th grader I mentioned, and her school/home life. It's a drama, but with a lot of comedy mixed in and it works most of the time. I do have to admit that the scenes between Dawn and Steve, an older guy who she has a crush for, are extremely cringey! Not because of the acting, it's just awkward seeing how they interact with each other, but I believe that was the movie's intention. The acting is great, while I'm at that subject. The performances are believable and the characters, as well. Everything is as it's supposed to be. Nothing is overblown or sugarcoated. The direction is great and I love the look of the movie. It's colorful, yet the story isn't. I love those contrasts in movies like this. The soundtrack is, too, great. What I didn't really get was the ending. I mean, it's not that I don't get it, it's just that I found it unsatisfying. No spoiling it, though. There's not much more that I can say about the movie except that it's worth checking out for its odd feeling and a realistic portrayal of Dawn's life.

Ang M (gb) wrote: Boy Kat and I loved this movie when we were kids!!!

Nyk P (es) wrote: John Cleese in Basil Fawlty mode... perfect British comedy.

Lindsay A (de) wrote: Pulled this more or less at random off the shelf to watch with the 10-year-old I was babysitting and was pleasantly surprised. The cover is TOTALLY misleading (evidently to pull in the Terminator crowd)--as my ward complained (despite being generally engaged), there are no gun fights; it's more of a poignant exploration of the how-human-are-robots issue (and the how-responsible-are-scientists-for-their-creations issue).

Eva A (fr) wrote: Honnetement, c'est pas mal. Heureusement que la guerre froide est fini parce qu'on ne dormirait pas apres ce film! Eh oui, imaginez que l'excs d'essais nucleaires et de largages de missiles en tout genre en plus de dvier l'axe de la terre, provoquant de vraies catastrophes climatiques, ne dvie, en plus, de son orbite pour se rapprocher dangereusement du soleil... :S Rhoooh la cagate! C'est surtout au niveau decor que le film est impressionnant: Londres connat d'abord un trange brouillard, puis sous un soleil ecrasant, on voit la Tamise a sec... Tout fond, meme les touches de machine a ecrire et les combines telephoniques! C'est l'apocalypse, et meme les films catastrophes de maintenant n'arrivent pas recreer cette ambiance angoissante de fin du monde...

Don S (mx) wrote: Politics and intrigues in a post WW2 Scottish Regiment. If you haven't seen it, rent's outstanding

Hunter W (mx) wrote: Ghost Protocol resurrected a franchise and reinforced Tom Cruise as the action star he deserves to be. The set piece in the Burj Khalifa was worth the price of an admission ticket alone

Andrew S (fr) wrote: BecauseI'Mother film. It's Disgusting

Marron G (jp) wrote: Not sure why some movie reviews websites writes a bad articles about this movie OK I know its not perfect but there is a plot and a good cast in it . Couples Retreat (2009) Producer , Actor , Director , Writer , Editor Peter Billingsley :) So its not that bad move since its watchable . My 5 rating isn't bad it means it means a GO if you like to watch it but from 4 and below its just a waste of time this might be 6 but can't give it a 6 well almost so you know why 5 is so reasonable I've seen worst and for some reason the rating is higher than expected ! Bottom line : If you are hesitating to watch this I say GO watch it and you wont regret it