Second Class Citizens

Second Class Citizens

The movie examines the lives of the not-so-fortunate dregs of society through airy but uneven absurdist comedy. The unfortunates of the title are mentally challenged people, some of whom could be termed insane - or merely inane.

The movie examines the lives of the not-so-fortunate dregs of society through airy but uneven absurdist comedy. The unfortunates of the title are mentally challenged people, some of whom could be termed insane - or merely inane. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matty S (ag) wrote: Brilliant low budget film from Spencer Susser. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Devin Brochu, Rainn Wilson and the always sublime Piper Laurie give Academy Award calibur turns in this metaphorical study of pure and unadulterated rage and grief. In many ways the entire film is about rage. And, this rage is explored in a variety of transgressive and subversive ways. The line between fantasy and reality are constantly blurred. This movie was tragically overlooked by the mainstream. It is perfect on all counts. As one of the first lines uttered in the film states, "Today, let's talk abut 'metaphor'."A must see.

Amy C (us) wrote: Filipino horrors are usually pretty good, but I didn't think much of Ouija. The screenplay was dull with a capital D. There was nothing really interesting or fresh going on in terms of the plot and the characters were badly written. However. Yes, I do have a good point. The way the deaths were shown was interesting. Especially the first one. I thought it was good how the character became like a solid ghost rather than your average walking through walls-floating-see through ghost.There isn't really much to say about this to be honest it wasn't amazing, it wasn't terrible. I didn't love it, I didn't hate it.

MrSillybrains (us) wrote: That time of year again :)

joe d (jp) wrote: Having grown up in post-war Bavaria, I gravitate toward atmospheric films which remind me of the melancholy of the middle of the century in Central Europe. This film stretches the heart strings to the breaking point. At first, I thought it was to be "Jules and Jim", then it became much more. J&J seems almost frivolous by comparison. Gloomy Sunday haunts in a way only hinted at by "The Damned" and others. GS is melodrama, yes. But it is as bittersweet as the best dark chocolate.

Gerry R (mx) wrote: Definitely some strange transitions. As for its ability to story tell it was formidable.

Zhou F (fr) wrote: [b][u]Farewell My Concubine[/u] [/b] [b][u]Red Sorghum[/u] 1/2[/b] [b][u]Postmen in the Mountains[/u] [/b] [b][u]To Live[/u] 1/2[/b] [b][u]Ju Dou[/u] [/b]

Lady D (mx) wrote: My least favourite of Almodovar?s so far, the plot seemed quite weak and there was very little excitement to it. Almodovar gave some added controversy here, by making a rape scene into a bit of a comedy moment, I would be interested to see what people?s comments are and how many will feel it reached over the controversial line?

Joe G (ca) wrote: A deeply moving film that's about as bleak and disturbing as anything I have ever seen, but then again, I have a soft spot for dogs. The dark color scheme goes well with the dark themes of animal testing and depressing tone of the story. You will feel for these animals, partly due to the animation but also because of the great performance everyone gives. Snitter, Rowf and Tod are characters you wont soon forget, nor will you forget this film. This is not to say there are not any problems. For one thing, it gets almost ridiculously down at times, to the point of feeling overwhelming. The odd cutting of human chatter in between scenes was also a bit unnatural feeling and disrupted the flow a bit. Even still, the animation is darkly beautiful, the story is riveting, and the acting is top notch. Watch this movie if you liked Watership Down or the Grant Morrison graphic novella We3. Don't watch it if you feel like killing yourself.

Colin A (mx) wrote: Airplane is one of the best, if not the best, comedy movies of the 70's. The creepy airplane pilot, hilarious flashbacks, people committing suicide on the plane, and a young girl saying she likes her coffee how she likes her men, help make this one of the best. And my name's not Shirley.

Cody C (ag) wrote: Better than it gets credit for. Does some incredible stuff with rain and searchlights. Is engaging. Is it great? Fuck no. But it's good.

Dr F P (us) wrote: It was okay, reminded me a little of Mad Max. Charles Dance was nice. I will always love Ripley. The Alien FX were pretty terrible, definitely not as scary or as atmospheric as the previous Alien instalments, which is disappointing. Overall it's worth a watch if you enjoy Alien but its quite long and drawn out for something that doesn't have much substance.

Farah R (es) wrote: A wonderful cast in a dull yet intriguing story. The events were dragging and somewhat slow.