Second Coming

Second Coming


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rhiannon p (br) wrote: it's alright, i like adam deacon,

Christopher L (nl) wrote: Lifeless, witless, occasionally funny predict-a-thon without a shred of originality and an unfortunately wasted Betty White and Cloris Leachman encounter. Lame. At least everyone seemed to be having a blast making it.

Dale C (jp) wrote: funny. enjoyable. good movie.

Andres V (gb) wrote: En 2004 Eimbcke deslumbro a sus 33 anios con su "Temporada de patos", una pelicula original en blanco y negro, con excelente estructura. Ahora salio con "Lake Tahoe" la cual se esperaba con ansia por su anterior trabajo pero salio como si las hubiera hecho al reves. Tendria mas logica que hubiera hecho primero "Lake Tahoe" para aprender de sus errores y luego haber salido con "Temporada de patos" que fue mucho mejor. Ironico porque muchos de los aciertos que se vieron en "Temporada de patos" se pierden en esta historia premiada como la mejor del Festival de Cartagena.Buena fotografia, buena secuencia y muy buenos personajes.

Stephanie y (gb) wrote: I was really drawn into this storyline...not sure what else to say other than I really dug it :)

dody y (mx) wrote: Kisah mengharukan tentang seorang lelaki Perancis keturunan Maroko yang sedang dalam perjalanan naik haji dengan sebuah mobil yang dikendarai oleh puteranya, pelajar SMA yang tidak mengenal agama dan tidak akrab dengan ayahnya. Patut ditonton sebagai renungan. Sederhana namun memikat.

Joseph P (au) wrote: One of the few films that can be called a masterpiece.

Lora R (it) wrote: I liked the story, but it was moving on slow and missed some serious thrill. The suspense was there, but not a lot was happening most of the time and that's the main reason for my low rating. I think the book is probably a lot better.Kathy Bates acted really well in this and so did David Strathairn.

Phil H (it) wrote: Well if that title doesn't tell you all you need to know I don't know what will. Both of these films were filmed at the same time, back to back, but for some odd reason the powers that be decided to release the sequel first then this film as a sequel prequel. Why exactly I don't know as it makes no sense whatsoever, I don't think there were any issues so why muddle things is a mystery.This film simply tales the tale of how 'Braddock' got captured and held captive in Nam before breaking out and getting to the point we see him in 'Missing In Action'. Its all very straight forward and like the other film, very by the numbers step by step action flick fluff.Mind you this film is slightly more adult than the first film. Most of the plot takes part within the POW camp and shows us some mildly nasty stuff. The odd bit of torture, beatings, mock executions, real executions, torment, getting burned alive with flame throwers is a bit harrowing in a semi-harrowing kind of way. Nothing that will make you lose sleep, its not a dramatic epic true to life event flick, but its based on the reality of real Nam POW camps and does offer a touch of emotion.The evil sadistic POW camp leader is nicely portrayed by Soon Tek-Oh. Much like Drago in 'Delta Force 2' this film is saved by his smooth villainous ways, his almost charming tone of speech, wry smile and merciless manner. His henchmen soldiers are all your standard Vietnam war types if I can say that, they just appear very stereotypical to look at I guess. Same can be said for Chuck's boys, militant and loud mouthed yanks with blonde hair, blue eyes and the token black guy (who dies). As for Norris...well its business as usual with the headband, Uzi and his lumberjack looks. He says little and acts badly while doing it, but we don't ask that of Norris do we, we just want him to grunt stare and kill bad guys tamely.The film looks better than the first that's for sure but I'm starting to get bored of bamboo huts within green South East Asian jungles. Still we are given some more explosions, bigger ones this time and a more interesting array of deaths for various military personnel good and bad. Its still fun as we see Chuck wear down the evil Colonel and survive his torture tricks. It is more realistic than the previous film but overall it does also feel a bit of an excuse just to see Chuck take out an entire camp of bad guys...again. Still its on par with the original film in my opinion, the more adult approach is welcome adding some tension, the corniness of the first film has been cut back. Its also funny and hackneyed that when this film was made it was common practice that the goodie black guys all get killed off whilst most of the blue eyed white guys survive to fight another day, old movie cliches huh.

Daniel S (de) wrote: Its highly regarded as a horror classic, so i goes and checks it out, while its got some good sets and dark shadowy lighting, its pretty amateurish, seriously, in terms of the story and the acting, and the "effects" i guess those things just got a free pass back if the movie was made back in the day

Michael T (br) wrote: Viewed as an historical archive, this is a fascinating mix of animation and documentary.

Halldor G (it) wrote: Not sure why I watched it

Craig M (gb) wrote: QoS is exciting, but disappointingly predictable. Judy Dench and Daniel Craig are both very good, and the sets/ locales are all very stylish, making the film easy to look at. Story-wise, I like my Bond less rogue and less maudlin. There were too many plot points that were unnecessary. Both "Bond girls" were wannabes, and the opening song was ick, phth! I'm sure people will think, "Shut up and enjoy the explosions!" but Casino Royale is a hard act to follow.