Second Hand Wedding

Second Hand Wedding

A small film with a big heart, SECOND HAND WEDDING is a bittersweet dramatic comedy set in the present, in a time when trademe and e-bay threaten the primeval urge for a firsthand crack at the second-hand. Jill keeps the dream alive until she is forced to confront the habits of a lifetime and concede that no bargain is worth her daughter's happiness. Father of the bride, Brian, quips that Cheryl's upcoming wedding will be the first time anyone in the Rose family has given something away - and that's the crux of it.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wedding,   car,   secret,  

A small film with a big heart, SECOND HAND WEDDING is a bittersweet dramatic comedy set in the present, in a time when trademe and e-bay threaten the primeval urge for a firsthand crack at ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vacationer U (br) wrote: You can skip half a movie straight away. It's boring, jokes not funny (first half suppose to be a comedy I think) and acting is bad (overacting is a problem of Korean Cinema). Second half skipping from comedy to action and here we got what we came for. Second half is not bad at all.P.S. I just found out, that they made this movie for only $1,000,000!!! Jeez... I didn't expected so, I thought they spent like 10x. Seriously, well done guys

Stacy O (es) wrote: What an incredible little film...Like one of Trainer Bob Baffert's winning Race horse's this film just smoked out of the starting gate. The Passonate and well told story evoked many many memories for me. I kept wanting the story to continue .The actors were so amazing and every prop used from the 70's ...(where did they find them all ??)was truly almost haunting. I loved it...It was somewhat the subject matter ,smacked a familiar ressonance with me...but definitely worth the trip.....down amnesia lane...( some things you would like to forget!) I have seen it twice ,,,second time even better,,,!!

Jeremy W (ag) wrote: OH Kathleen Turner, I've missed YOU!!! SO great!

Shawn R (it) wrote: I don't think we needed a movie about this subject matter.

Brian S (fr) wrote: Decent Irish occult horror; uneven but not fatally so. The pacing is very slow, but the story isn't nearly as "muddied" as some critics charge. In fact, it's pretty straight-forward. Good acting and production values and a nice juxtaposition of old Gaelic bloody ritual in a modern, grimy urban setting. It won't blow anyone away with brilliance or novelty, but it's a worthwhile bit of entertainment with a fair twist ending.

Jon F (kr) wrote: this is sadly rodney dangerfield's last laugh he was able to give us in this earthly realm but oh man what a wonderful laugh it exerts.

Sandra V (kr) wrote: Haunting imagery and an intriguing set up unfortunately give way to frustrating clichs and a stupid ending.

Shannon (de) wrote: really liked this comedy

chris G (it) wrote: Balls out horror. Could be Carpenters best movie?????

Uur H (au) wrote: arkadaslar, kesinlikle psikiyatri boyle bi dal degil artik, ama 3lu star grubunun performansi cok ii, ozellikle kim ve uma, o yuzden 2,5 yildiz, yoksa nanaysn final analysis...gicik oldum sana ahlaksiz psikiyatrist...

Richard M (us) wrote: Great movie and filming location.

Lisa C (gb) wrote: My group of friends and family have watched this movie as many times as we could. It is iconic to us. Thank you.

Steve H (ca) wrote: OH what I would give to see this film in the original French, uncensored version, without the awful voiceover track that was tacked on for English-speaking audiences! Beautiful people, beautiful setting, lovely creepy atmosphere.

Baltaar S (mx) wrote: A good all around war movie. It is the only movie I know where a real WWII War Hero, who won the Medal of Honor, actually played himself and depicted the battle which won him the medal. If he had to do it again today I am sure he could have demanded it be more accurate. If you read the book you will see there was alot more to the war than shown in the movie. Murphy was one of the first Veterans to lobby authorities to assist vets with post tramatic stress disorder, which he suffered from. Back in his day no one understood what war does to vets mentally.

Lee B (gb) wrote: I loved this movie... great sci -fi flick... and so much more.. it had depth to it... multiple viewings may be needed to appreciate it completely

Derek R (au) wrote: Gore is the only satisfying thing in this movie, everything else was shit, the twist at the end wasn't worth the Hour and a Half run time, this is the worst Saw.