Second in Command

Second in Command

In this film directed by Simon Fellows, Jean-Claude Van Damme played the role of an official appointed as Second In Command to the U.S.Ambassador at an American Embassy in a small, turbulent Eastern European nation. One day, the palace is stormed by the insurgents; it's now up to the official to protect the Embassy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Second in Command torrent reviews

bill s (mx) wrote: So sugary sweet and way over the top melodramatic that it's all just a bunch of empty movie calories.

Joe V (ru) wrote: One of the worst if not the worst films I have ever been exposed to in my life. Horror? More like a stale whimper. Acting was so stiff and fake, it was almost as if the actors were there physically but elsewhere with regard to their acting abilities, which could barely be called acting abilities to begin with. More like one of those terrible "B" movies from the 50's.Film was recommended to me by a friend of the director. It is my opinion the director should return to directing school.

ricardo c (ag) wrote: the performance of the actors was very great__i think this is a lovely movie__with a lot of heart in it.

Erwin I (es) wrote: I missed this movie on JiFFest and so glad i found it at lapak DVD in Ambassador. (yes, i prefer buying pirated DVD of foreign movies rather than wasting my time downloading them from the internet.. ha!). All I can say is Takeshi Kitano has made a sweet little movie that not only engaging as a drama but also very rich in its visuals. I like this a lot.

Jesse C (fr) wrote: This film uses its association with Gary Oldman as its selling point. Surely a gifted and accomplished actor such as Gary Oldman would make any movie great right? That is what I bought into here, and I was rewarded. Although I liked the movie because of its Japanese feel. Lots of music, very little dialogue in parts. A copycat thriller for the most part. Think Bourne meets Tokyo.

Cat B (nl) wrote: ultimate cheese, but not terrible. Not good either.......

Brandon B (jp) wrote: gay teen drama, supposedly takes place in the 80's and in Europe, however, not convincing, jocks are wearing american high school football team jackets, etc. but so so movie with some good and bad scenes.

Sums I (nl) wrote: Interesting, but mostly forgettable. Hayek and Farrell both do an admirable job portraying a pained courtship of mutual affection but open hostility. Neither one wants to be the "nice guy", but they also feel frustrated with why they treat each other so poorly considering their obvious affections. Los Angeles during the Great Depression is fascinating and well done. I find the economics also enjoyable, where a nickel buys a cup of coffee, and rent is $10 a month. If nothing else, the movie gives us a clear glimpse of what things might have been like in that era.I don't think the chemistry between the two was quite right... the sparring sure fit, but it never felt like a smoldering going on behind those mean words. Perhaps Hayek has too strong of a sex appeal and simply outmatches Colin.... dunno, that's one for the ladies to answer. This should have some appeal to writers and romantics, but it's a slow starter and nothing earth shattering. Quaking, yes... but not shattering. (Inside movie joke)

Sophia C (jp) wrote: This movie was absolutely amazing. Its a definite romantic comedy with adam sandlers funny jokes. I loved this movie it has a beautiful plot to it and amazing acting. Overall probably one of my top favorite movies ever. If the movie can make you laugh, cry, and think then it's already amazing.

Jordan R (ru) wrote: monkey movies always work for me. zany zany fun!

Dean M (jp) wrote: Wartime comedy about an author and her plan to turn a soldier into the leading man of her filmed novel is wonderfully and enjoyable and sprinkled with guest appearances by Hollywood celebrities.This movie moves quickly, is VERY funny and who knew John Wayne could do comedy so well? Claudette Colbert's so beautiful and charming (as always).

Eduardo R (it) wrote: "The story of how an adult fell in love..." You know what? I don't care.

Frdric I (de) wrote: Cette comdie tardive qui ressemble un conte moral n'est pas ce que Frank Capra a fait de mieux. Les films rooseveltiens des annes 30 sont plus russis. Bof.

Declan H (ca) wrote: You think this is the real Quaid? It is.