Second Show

Second Show

Lalu is a reckless youth who is willing to do anything for money, even if it means getting involved in the drugs business.

Lalu is a reckless youth who is willing to do anything for money, even if it means getting involved in the drugs business. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan A (br) wrote: At the theater ticket window, they didn't even have a title for this film. All they had was a picture of Johnny Depp holding a pistol. Really, that's all you need to know. If you don't go see this film for Jack Sparrow, you have no reason to see it.

Fredrik N (jp) wrote: Jag vet inte exakt hur mycket av filmen som r baserad p en verklig hndelse, dligt plst p just det. Men jag tycker att det r en klart sevrd film med en ganska komplicerad frgestllning. Sen s tycker jag ju per defualt att europeiska filmer r bttre n amerikanska, men jag kan nog tycka att den hr filmen r sevrd av fler anledningar n det :-)

Ibraheem M (au) wrote: I liked the depressing atmosphere of the film but the score seems inconvenient.

Jid O (us) wrote: Good stuff from Allen: don't like Rhys Meyers (ugly & wooden) perfectly cast in this somethimes perplexing concocton of unnatural dialogue in a natural setting. Not the london you and I know and hate.

Bill B (jp) wrote: I went into this one hoping for an edgy, sexy grimy film, and I got very little of any of those things, as the arty approach to the storytelling is pretty obvious, and there are some truly atrocious line-readings in here, delivery that made me wince here and there as some of the people just sound as if they're reading a menu instead of emoting.I really wanted to like this more than I did, which makes me feel bad for the blind buy. Oh well, I guess this might be a decent rental if you have low expectations.

Samuel M (gb) wrote: Lo mejor de Curtains es sin duda su poster...y a partir de ah todo empieza a decaer.La idea inicial no es mala, y podra ser muy interesante para un giallo italiano a lo Argento. Incluso tiene algunas interpretaciones ms que respetables. Pero la historia se va desarrollando de forma muy torpe, destrozando toda posibilidad de intriga o misterio (y su final se ve venir a lo lejos).Adems, es una de las pelculas ms desastrosas a nivel tcnico que he visto nunca. Jams haba visto en una misma pelicula apareciendo en pantalla un micro, una pertiga completa y la francesa de la mattebox de la cmara....qu estaban bebiendo en ese rodaje? Horripilante, y no en el buen sentido.Las pocas buenas ideas de la pelcula se van poco a poco al garete.

Nicholas L (ru) wrote: A cerebral horror, a nail biting suspense, and a magnificent adventure epic, Jaws is a masterpiece classic that is thoroughly engaging and has all the elements of a terrific story.

Priyu K (kr) wrote: produced by francois truffaut, basically a 2nd 400 blows, the character even looks like jean pierre leaud, but this time in color, that being said i love these kind of movies and characters, and pialat is the bomb

Alexis R (ag) wrote: this movie will be Nick's shirtless instagram x10000

Nguyen Thuy H (es) wrote: Right from the shot of Lizzie plunging herself onto the sea waves, I can sense the underlying theme of individual existence. And it's true. What the film presents was that, despite love and friendship, our sufferings, our struggles for survival are essentially individual. That the film's characters are perfectly well-mannered and considerate only adds terror to this chilling message. Of course, there is always someone surviving, and I am wondering whether the identity of the survivor is meant to represent something political.

Andrew G (us) wrote: What makes Wolf Creek all the more terrifying is its realism. That and the horrifically sardonic portrayal of Mick Taylor.