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Secondo Ponzio Pilato

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Daniele C (mx) wrote: A nice fairytale. The rhythm gets lost in some points along the movie, but the overall experience is quite pleasant.

Qi Z (kr) wrote: How does Pride do its damage? In the most sacred Talmudic scholarship, what does a prideful person manifest his pride? This is deeply felt, non-sentimental, yet complex study of a bitter old scholar's rage against his obscurity, against his more successful son, and did not see the toxic waste of his bitter disappointment destroying everything around him. A exceptionally well-made film.

Liam C (ca) wrote: For a sequel that, at first, felt very unnecessary, it could have been much worse than it was. Animal 2 takes place some time after the first one and thrusts us right back into the story and actually has somewhere to go.One thing I noticed just as soon as it started, the Terrence Howard change didn't bother or distract as much as I thought it would, they explain in the first few minutes who Vicellous Reon Shannon's character was, probably on purpose. I have no choice but to accept it, it's not like it's going to change if I complain about it. I haven't been able to find a reason why Howard didn't come back, I have a few ideas as to why but that has nothing to do if whether or not the film was any good so I'll leave it out. The actor they got to replace him did a good job, actually, he seemed more fitting for the part anyway. Although it is weird to believe that his character, Darius, is much older than K.C. Collins' character, James Jr., because Shannon looks very young, even so, it's nothing that I over thought, I just accepted it for what it was. Like I mentioned before, it did feel unnecessary but it does have things to do and places to go. Even if some of the logic of it all is misplaced, not like it bothered me because it's not like they had millions to make this with, it still is a good drama even if it didn't feel as urgent or as powerful as the first one did. The film offers a few storylines that all fit in with each other at some point. I liked that it kept jumping from inside the prison to outside and showed how they both worked together. The script offers some funny one liners here and there and some other funny moments. Like I always say, no matter how dark or bleak a situation is, there will always be funny moments there. Like the first film, the music was really good.Rhames still does well and plays the character the same way as he did before. One complaint I have with it though is that it doesn't feel as unrestrained as before and he looks a bit different too. Rhames in the first film was excellent and he really embraced that character, it felt like a performance that someone would give to be nominated for an Oscar. I say this because he just jumped head over heels into the character and became that character. He was still good here, great even, but something felt different, he certainly wasn't on screen as much as before, that's for damn sure and maybe that has something to do with it. Special mention if Kedar Brown who plays the very cool and smooth Lou, whenever he was on screen you were just listening to what he was saying. The only complaint I can really find in this is that there's a big build up to a court scene involving a video tape, blackmail, drugs and a few other things, it got to about 6 minutes left in the film and it gets referenced in one line, that whole case was happening off screen and we never see it happen. This isn't a courtroom drama film but it would have been nice to see even a little bit of what was going on. I know, in a direct to DVD film you can't be expecting the best of the best, but that was only a little thing I could thing of and it isn't even that bad, it's not like they forgot about that storyline. I have read some complaints from others on other websites and some of the things they bring up, while no film should be above criticism, it does seem a little silly to be nitpicking all the little things that look off or that the sound was a bit inconsistent, what are you expecting? For a sequel to a film that already went direct to DVD to be this good? That doesn't happen all too often. To me at least, even looking at the DVD cover of this shows that effort was put into this. I could see an Animal 3 happening that shows more of the boys lives from here on out and more of Animal in prison but I don't see it happening anytime soon, but if it does? I'll be up for it, only if it's made as well as these two were. I've been wondering though, was the first one meant to go to the big screen but in limited release? It did have bigger stars in it and a fair few people did see it, no, that can't be it because the budget for the first one was lower than this one was. Who knows? All I know is that both are very well made character dramas improved by excellent acting.

Naughtia N (br) wrote: This movie is about a group of British football fans who plan a big bank robbery. They want to rob a bank and use the World Cup as their coverup. They unexpectedly end up taking hostages and must finish the heist before their plane leaves in just a few hours. This movie was good entertainment and the acting was good as well. I like watching British movies every once in a while and this movie wasn't bad.

Max (jp) wrote: "vampires los muertos" is a horror film and is a sequel to the 1998 box office hit vampires but this film takes place in mexico different any other american made vampire horror film

Scott C (nl) wrote: I would love to see this again! Tom Hanks, John Candy and Rita Wilson! And Star Trekk II director, Nicholas Meyer. And crazy Tim Thomerson! Even though it's B-grade stuff, I remember it really well.

Leo S (nl) wrote: After a trip to Scotland, am in love with the history of Henry, Elizabeth, Mary and James. Watching a movie made over 70 years ago, I still feel the movie is a good one.

Russell G (jp) wrote: Unless you like movies with an extremely bad plot and no depth at all, I suggest avoiding this one. The premise of a boy-eating vixen is fine, but how this movie constructs the character of the cannibalistic demon is simply awful. I do not ask for top shelf acting in a horror movie, but I do ask for better than this, especially when the budget is there. The characters are annoying and flat and the friendship drama never seems to hold water. While it breaks new ground for terrible writing, it still manages to work in all the typical clichs from bad teen-horror movies. The direction is poor as well; it tastelessly plugs random new songs that contradict the mood of the movie. There is little action, suspense, surprise, or character development here. In fact, the only redeeming quality of this movie is that Megan Fox is very pretty. Instead of watching this movie, pick up an issue of Maxim and save yourself the trouble. It is a disposable dumb teen movie, in the worst kind of way, and it is nothing more than a waste of time.

Corinne (de) wrote: One of my Favorites,loved it.