Secret Agent

Secret Agent

After three British agents are assigned to assassinate a mysterious German spy during World War I, two of them become ambivalent when their duty to the mission conflicts with their consciences.

After three British agents are assigned to assassinate a mysterious German spy during World War I, two of them become ambivalent when their duty to the mission conflicts with their consciences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Serge L (gb) wrote: This film is cute. Expect cute overload. The little girl is fabulous! There are some suspense, but the young woman is so cute! There was no way this film was going to have a bad ending. The dvd had a alternate ending... the same ending with more of the late wife. The whole thing was very watchable and the ending was intricate enough. The bad guy was too insane, he looked just like the thing to make the others look so damn nice and cute! Even him was cute. Did I say the little girl was fabulous? One notch more than cute. I didn't see a struggle to love. She's handed down the guy! The story does not jibe well, but this is quite a dose of cute. And strangely, there are places with no african-american in the usa (and a sunny place). Strange, very strange.

Jon W (ru) wrote: Looks like a group of high school kids with a camcorder and a gallon of fake blood threw this tripe together.

Duncan W (ag) wrote: this is just a nice little movie to sit down and relax to in the eve. loved how the stories overlapped and some great performances. Shilpa Shetty is absolutley stunning!! reminded me a bit of "The Apartment" nice music though i fond actually having the band on screen a little obtrusive at times.

Remy D (kr) wrote: Saw it so long ago when I was so young, and re-watching it made it even better as I understood more and being African I can say this is quite a work of art, even in general. One of the animated films I will remember with such fondness.

Gabriel K (fr) wrote: Calling this movie "deliberately paced" is understatement, but a patient viewer will appreciate its meditative approach to storytelling. Long train rides never seemed so meaningful.

Chris W (kr) wrote: An interesting, if not wholly remarkable entry, in the Mike Leigh canon, this boasts excellent performances and some nice moments.A little more humour and a little less plodding in the films pace would have done it no harm, but overall a fine piece of work.

Ben C (fr) wrote: Hungry eyes & baby trains. It's a great movie. Moo Tang.

Richard C (de) wrote: I saw this film in the theaters when I was 14 years old and when it came out on VHS it became my "family" film. My Dad, Brother, Sisters, and most of all, my Mom loved this film! The Scars were so good in this film, especially Scott Mayer as Red! Also, look for Linnea Quigley in a very different role than the ones she's famous for. A female "Death Wish" film that I wish never ended!!!

Rodri C (ag) wrote: jajajaja, divertida... ojal no suceda...

Eric B (ag) wrote: A thoroughly entertaining, great-looking film. Before tonight, I considered "Danger: Diabolik" the #1 movie that I had not seen yet, and it did not disappoint me."Diabolik" was contemporary with the "Batman" television series, and has a similar comic-book allure of colorful visuals, far-fetched crime schemes and specialized, high-tech devices. There's even a lavish, underground hideout. But "Diabolik" is not as campy as "Batman" -- you'll smile, but you won't snicker. And let's not overlook its secret weapon: a marvelous score by Ennio Morricone, working out of his element and excelling in a more rock-oriented, spy-flick style.Director Mario Bava's cost-cutting through using matte paintings instead of sets is incredible, and makes me want to research his techniques further. Bava apparently made the film for $400,000 despite an allotted budget of $3 million and, apart from some clunky back projection during car-chase scenes, its production values never seem shoddy. Though obviously a creature of its time, "Diabolik" is still delightful.

Justin R (au) wrote: A WWII classic with a screen legend

Ahmed M (de) wrote: really really lighthearted. But tht's not a problem. the thing to get out of this film were breezy or conversely foot-tapping dance numbers and of course 2 amazing stars. It delivers

Darius M (ca) wrote: I, Madman is all style and all tension. Filmed like a film noir, with dark forbidding streets, love-obsessed madmen, murder, transfiguration, and the woman, you do not go into a film like this if you don??t have a fondness for pure absurdity, visual splendour, and go-for-broke weirdness. It??s also a blast to sit through, and more often than not, it??s terrifying in its sinister nature. I, Madman isn??t really about story or characters, although the protagonist is one of those women who are so naturally beautiful, you can??t avoid liking her, and you wouldn??t really watch the film for any other reason than for something pleasing to the eyes. But unlike most horror films, I, Madman isn??t stupid either, it??s clever in its attempt with playing with fact and fiction, and would make for a perfect double feature with John Carpenter??s In the Mouth of Madness.