Secret Agent X-9

Secret Agent X-9

A secret agent goes after the gang that stole the crown jewels of a European monarchy.

A secret agent goes after the gang that stole the crown jewels of a European monarchy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Secret Agent X-9 torrent reviews

Millo T (jp) wrote: Interesting and curious bet. A sor of "Dog day afternoon" with all the particularities of Spain (specifically Seville), economic crisis and low class problems. Very funny, and social in a strange way. Between 3 and 3.5

pete p (ru) wrote: Worth to watch it. Like the Rock N' Rolla was mixed with Ocean's 11.

Brendan C (fr) wrote: The greatest documentary I have ever watched.

Ryan W (it) wrote: This is an unbelievably compelling and very powerful documentary that really does show true tension and horrors on that fateful day in 2001 and the strength of this documentary is this is real not some fake camerawork overall this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen

Alex J (es) wrote: Gratuitous violence and nudity.... what more do you need!

Luca D (jp) wrote: Un film che parla del disagio giovanile delle periferie che riesce a portarlo sullo schermo in modo veritiero, credibile e senza troppe ideologie. Durante il film in s succedono tante piccole cose ma in realt non c' una trama ben definita; un po' come nella vita reale le cose accadono, altre hanno senso, altre meno alcune sono importanti altre completamente inutili.

Clinton K (ru) wrote: Cheesy low budget sci-fi. An entertaining 90 minutes, mostly for unintended reasons.

Grant W (gb) wrote: I've never liked convoluted crime stories all that much. I especially dislike modern blockbusters full of heists and gunplay but Melville in the 60's seems like one of the most competent directors to ever have gone about it. The film is lengthy, but it is aided significantly by the fact that it gets better and better as it goes on both on terms of editing, emotional value and story. By the final sequence, a film that had me struggling to follow it and care about it for the entire first hour had me wrapped around its finger.

Kinohi N (ca) wrote: Noir shadows stalk the Imperial Valley. I love the blend of social realism and crime narrative. The cinematography here is masterful, and there are a few plot points that left me genuinely shocked/surprised. One of my favorite films of the studio era.

Sue B (br) wrote: The ultimate in weepy, sentimental chick flicks!

Eugene B (fr) wrote: Katharine Hepburn's performance alone is dynamic in this comedic classic. Bringing Up Baby is comedy gold with brilliance in its ensemble. The laughter is timeless, the dialogue is crisp and, once again, Hepburn and Grant formulate a charming duo. 4/5

Ellesse H (mx) wrote: Love this when I was a kid- which is odd since I loath Corin Nemec & Danny Glover