Secret Ballot

Secret Ballot

A female election agent and a gun-toting soldier try to collect votes among the local islanders with mixed success.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:123 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Persian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ocean,   boat,   old man,  

A female election agent and a gun-toting soldier try to collect votes among the local islanders with mixed success. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PierLuigi F (es) wrote: Weak, pointless, doesn't give what it promise. I'd better watch a documentary about french cuisine next time because the characters are so distant that I wasn't able to feel anything for them.Cold, Avoidable.

Kathi M (jp) wrote: Although the plot is rather predictable, it's enjoyable to watch Jean Reno once again showing he's mastering his metier.

Amandeep S (br) wrote: It's fucking funny man.

Ndonwie E (de) wrote: Wifes beware of Husbands!

Elle M (jp) wrote: Made me wanna be Irish. And I love brown sauce to death now.

Edgar L (br) wrote: ''That wasn't a good Play, No kidding, Horrible, You Said it, But the Cast Members were Decent''

Maxwell S (it) wrote: I thought it was very smart, but boring at times.

Luke G (jp) wrote: Could have been better i think the whole race card thing pulled me off but other then that it was ok

Simon D (de) wrote: Another one of the batch of "Hood" films that came out in the 90's. There isn't much different about this one to all of the others, apart from no attempt at comedy in here. It's still a decent film, just will always blend into the era defining genre.

Emily L (ca) wrote: Unexpectedly creepy. A huge baby is a terrifying oxymoron.

Maheswar R (br) wrote: Dont compare it with older version . Not a bad movie a good laugh

(es) wrote: Screen legend Burt Reynolds stars as Sonny Hooper in this goofy, harmless 4am cable flick about the trials and tribulations of the world's greatest movie stuntman. Along with Burton (I like to call him that), the other members of the cast have a lot of fun with what appears to be a great deal of improvisation. Watching this movie you almost get the feeling that during some scenes, I don't think the actors knew that the camera was even rolling. But seriously though, it's okay. When you got Sally Field as Gwen, Sonny's loyal and loving girlfriend who stands by him no matter how dangerous the stunts, current Hollywood burnout Jan Michael Vincent as "Ski," the young and upcoming rookie to the stuntman world who looks to take Sonny's job (not intentionally though), funnyman Robert Klein as the director of the film that Hooper is based upon (it's a movie within a movie of course), and James Best (Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane from the TV show Dukes of Hazzard) as Sonny's assistant and friend, the result is a nifty collection of acting misfits. I'm sure after the shooting of Hooper concluded; everybody who worked on this obvious tinsel town nugget probably became best friends. But heck, that's probably the case with any Reynolds's film. In the end, what you get from Hooper is uninhibited tongue and cheek humor overload mixed with an exciting, sped up, documentary feel. The whole flick concludes with a rocket car rambling through tons of explosions (Reynolds and Vincent are driving) and city wide destruction all for a perfect scene in the movie within a movie. Oh did I mention the big Trans Am (same car) jumping across a 300 foot gorge to get to safety. Oh Hollywood, you never disappoint.

Natalie (ru) wrote: I liked 'Number, Please', 'When Television Comes', and 'The Babbit and the Bromide' a lot, but I LOVED 'Sweepstakes Ticket' :)

Daniel V (br) wrote: So many entertainers have gone too soon. Heath Ledger, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Marylin, George Carlin... Yeah so George was older and less of a surprise but losing George at 150 would be losing him too young. Patrick Swayze was one of the biggest stars of the 80's and while his career in the 90's and 00's was less prolific he did turn in a gem or two(Looking at you To Wong Foo and Donnie Darko). Steel Dawn may not be one of his finest 2 hours but it still is an entertaining Shane inspired Post WWIII apocalyptic flick. Action is good, Dialogue is ok at times, funny as hell at others, But Swayze is enough of a badass to make this watchable. Can't help but think this would've rated higher on my scale if I had seen it as 10 year-old than having my first viewing as a 35 year old.

Joseph A S (mx) wrote: The Devil Inside (2012) is the one horror movie to avoid! Not only is this the #1 Worst Horror "Found Footage" Documentary of all time, it's definitely the movie to feel very piss-off after seeing the entire movie about exorcism that tries to become the next version of "The Exorcist", done in a pseudo-The Last Exorcism style. Basically a documentary about a young daughter, Isabella Rossi seeking the truth about her mother, Maria who confesses that she was the demon that killed 2 priests and a nun back in 1989. With the help of two young exorcists, they tried to find a cure for her mother to release the demon that possesses her with science and religion and go face to face with the forming of the most powerful demons that ever occurred. Make no mistake, this is a bad film! So bad that I totally walked out of this piece of shit after 35 minutes. It has a lousy story from it's premise, bad acting all around from the entire cast, poorly done "found footage" documentary that tries to be realistic and was simply a total rip-off of "The Exorcist". The film is so bad, it even has (as the audience and critics had stated) the worst endings in movie history! Like if they really were selling something for the audience in the same vein as "Paranormal Activity". It's no surprise that the same writers and director, William Brent Bell & Matthew Peterman would stooped this low after their previous mess with "Stay Alive" (2006) with Frankie Muniz. It obvious that this stinker should have went straight to video where it belongs. After all, they are B-Movie, Direct-to-video level hacks that made bad movies! It Stinks!