Secret Beyond the Door...

Secret Beyond the Door...

When a lovely wife and her new husband, settle in an ancient mansion on the East coast, she discovers he may want to kill her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marc L (de) wrote: Le film sketchs a beau tre un modle frquemment usit par le cinma horrifique, l'exercice n'en reste pas moins systmatiquement prilleux : faire co-exister plusieurs ralisateurs, donc plusieurs styles visuels et plusieurs visions de l'pouvante, au sein d'une anthologie qui se veut cohrente ne donne que rarement des rsultats convaincants. Avec "Little deaths", on tient pourtant un film dot d'une certaine ligne directrice thmatique et visuelle, les trois associs tant issus du cinma alternatif anglais vises sociales. Comme son titre l'indique, "Little deaths" associe l'horreur et les galipettes ou, plus prcisment, les galipettes dans ce qu'elles peuvent avoir de plus amorales et dviantes. Dans "House & home", le plus classique et efficace des trois courts, de "braves gens" recueillent des clodos pour leur faire subir divers svices sexuels...jusqu'au retournement attendu mettant en scne une clodo pas tout fait humaine. S'en suit "Mutant tool", o comment mler exprimentations nazies, toxicomanie et priapisme. Sans doute le film le plus surprenant et barr du lot. Enfin, la vie de ce pauvre type rabaiss et humili en permanence par sa "bitch" de compagne devrait vous provoquer une saine envie de dgueuler pour peu que nous n'ayez pas devin l'avance en quoi consisterait la vengeance de l'intress. Tout fauch et tout glauque dans sa photographie qu'il soit, "Little deaths" s'impose comme une exprience russie et originale mais aussi nettement plus drangeante que les standards des films d'horreur actuels ne l'exigent : certaines squences trs extrmes sont clairement dconseiller aux mes sensibles !

Omar A (it) wrote: Msica y baile, divertida y bastante obvia.Para un tarde de semana est bien.

Ling E (br) wrote: i can see the japanese culture in the movie

Hicham Y (mx) wrote: Rachel Weisz performance is award wining one.

Shawn W (fr) wrote: When you've got a mere 46 minutes to tell a highly condensed version of a classic Xmas story then it's obviously a good idea to cram as much story in there are possible and try your hardest to create a cosy, Xmas atmosphere. There's not much of that to be had in Bah Humduck! Cartoon writers have been milking the Christmas Carol goat for years. Modern spins on the story rarely work (Scrooged being a meta-fictional exception) and Bah Humduck distances itself from the source material so much that it is barely recognizable. Daffy stars as the boss of a huge department store who loves exploiting people in order to make many Xmas dollars. The Ebeneezer Scrooge story is shoehorned into this setting, but the colour schemes are far too high key and bright to evoke a true Xmas feel. Almost the entire feature is set inside this bland environment.Far too much time is given to hijinks utterly void of comic timing. The first 11 minutes, which establish Daffy as a bad boss, are really nothing but him flying across the screen and smashing into various things. It's not funny in the slightest.I feel that the people who made this were only interested in churning out a quick, easy product and had no interest in making it something special. A Charlie Brown Christmas was half the length and has been consistently popular for well over forty years. Bah Humduck will disappear without a trace.

MF J (au) wrote: This is the last film is watched before flying back to France after one amazing year in California. My head wasn't really into it as i knew i was leaving the next morning closing a big chapter of my life. Still let's get back to the point here. The film is good , the cast is great and the way the story is told is very interesting, its a bit like following an investigation live.

Torbjorn N (jp) wrote: Wow, I didn?t expect much from this movie. Sure I?ve read some really nice reviews in magazines and newspapers, but still, it is a Swedish movie and all too often the Swedish critics likes to hype a fellow countryman?s movie. This one deserved all the good words it have received. The lead actor (Olle Sarri) is for most Swedes known as a comedian, no longer will I look at him in the same way, he makes a fantastic performance as the man waking up with blood all over after something ( I will not tell anything about what, since I would not like to spoil anything for presumptive viewers) trying to continue his everyday life. The film is dark, disturbing and one of the best Swedish films since ?Let the right one in?. After finished viewing the film (exemplary short about 75 minutes) I got one of those glances from my wife, the ones I only get when she finds my taste in movies a bit to macabre, I have received these after films like ?Irreversible?, ?Happiness? and ?Requiem for a dream?. Not a film for everyone, but if you are interested in some Swedish melancholy, this is the one you should watch.

Dani A (us) wrote: A strange but rather charming love story, of sorts.

Jesse F (mx) wrote: While it does have it's moments and the idea of the killer stalking virgins is refreshing change for a slasher film, the film itself is kind of boring and tries to take itself to seriously instead of having gore and nudity like this kind of slasher film should have.

Tina R (br) wrote: I like most movies in which Eduardo Noriega is the protagonist. The movie showed very well the principles of a terrorist (nationalist) organization and why, whether fighting for national independence, deep down it doesn't reflect the will of the masses of people.

Rene R (mx) wrote: I finally had an opportunity to rent this film. It's phenomenal to see how an event as luminous as the NYC Marathon started from Fred Lebow's vision.

Markus M (ca) wrote: While Total Recall may be just as hokey as a lot of the other action movies made around the same time, what makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it's a lot more creative and has a far more interesting set-up than most run-of-the-mill action movies. I also appreciate how the film's world isn't overly futuristic but instead feels very much like what present day society might be like with a few decades worth of added scientific advancements.7,5/10

Erin B (jp) wrote: It's refreshing to see a bio-pic that focuses more on the passion of the art of music and the power it holds over people, rather than another self-indulgent, self-destructive musician. Beautiful, hazy photography. No exact passage of time is plastered over the scenes. Key moments in his adult life flow through the film as slow as molasses, allowing you to savor each one: leaving his family in Texas to go to California, learning how to train-hop all the way to L.A., meeting Ronny Cox, a progressive radio personality & musician who gets him a record deal and on the air, his frustration between the record company limitations vs. his anxiousness to sing to the crop dusters and fight for unions, the falling apart of his marriage to Mary and all the colorful folks he meets along his journey. David Carradine puts on a such captivating performance filled with a raw intensity, that it makes you wonder if he channeled Woody's ghost for the part. You feel he believes every emotion and every desire that Woody felt, especially when he sings some of the songs himself. I have to admit that as much as I enjoyed James Mangold's " Walk the Line", I truly feel like this film, which has the same sort of plot line, does the artist more justice. I recommend this film to any lover of music with a message, Guthrie aficionados, and anyone who has ever had to chose between doing what is in your heart and doing what you must to survive.