Secret City

Secret City

London and the City of London are not the same place. London is a metropolis of 8 million people. The City of London is the famous square mile in the middle, with about 7,000 residents but many more businesses. A Corporation older than Parliament, the City of London has played a key historical role in protecting and promoting the interests of finance capital. Secret City investigates the power wielded by the Corporation of London over British economic policy, through which it sustains London's prime position at the hub of global finance capital - not least through control of the majority of the world's tax havens.

London and the City of London are not the same place. London is a metropolis of 8 million people. The City of London is the famous square mile in the middle, with about 7,000 residents but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard D (ru) wrote: A frustratingly uneven film shot around Winnipeg. A Scandinavian immigrant farmer loses everything during the Depression and in desperation and madness, builds a ship out of his house and barn to take his family home. A beautiful looking and poetic film that almost completely fails to capture the period it's set in. Perhaps the relatively low budget is to blame, but it never feels like anything more than modern folks playing at being in the 1930s. Script problems also plague the film. It takes so long to get to the building of the titular ship, that the event feels really abbreviated and anti-climactic.

Niklas C (ag) wrote: Film som p det mest subtila av stt avsljar...

Angel Q (us) wrote: This movie was full of suspense and I love both Maria Bello and Stephen Dorff in just about anything.

Bill B (jp) wrote: I wanted to like this one a bit more, but it's honestly just too predictable to really give it a pass. I always like seeing Jodelle Ferland in movies, as she seems to gravitate towards the horror genre, but even her typically creepy kid acting couldn't elevate this thing beyond exactly what you expect to happen.Rental.

Ryan G (jp) wrote: Slow paced, would've been better at about 30 minutes less of run time.

Ryan C (jp) wrote: If you were an artist - a TRUE artist - how far would you go to make sure your work was a success? Would you sell out? Would you let someone else take over? Would you kill? These questions are all pondered (and explored) in Woody Allen's 1994 comedy, "Bullets Over Broadway."The film stars John Cusack as David Shayne, a wanna-be playwright who, despite what he thinks, can't write great dialogue (but, man, can he write some good stage directions).His current play, "Gods of Our Fathers," is his self-declared masterpiece. It's his only true work - a work, then, that must be directed by himself. But since he's a nobody, no one will back his movie. That is until a big-time mob boss, Nick Valenti (played by Joe Viterelli), comes along and puts up the money - with one minor caveat: His girl, Olive (played beautifully annoying by Jennifer Tilly), must have a role in the play. Would this be considered selling out for success?David reluctantly agrees to the terms (it's the only way to get his play on). When Olive shows up for the first rehearsal, she's accompanied by her "bodyguard," Cheech (Chazz Palminteri) - and not Mr. Cheech, mind you -- just Cheech. Cheech is Valenti's trigger man; anytime someone's gotta sleep with the fishes, Cheech is the one to shoot them dead. As the rehearsals commence, Cheech sits quietly in the back of the theater. He grows incredibly tired of hearing the same pointless drivel spouted off by the cast, and one day he speaks up and makes his frustrations heard. The problem (for David) is that he has better ideas on how to make the play (finally) work. The cast perks up to Cheech's ideas, and David begins to unravel and question whether or not he is a true artist. He knows that Cheech's ideas are great and, at first, he resents him for having such brilliant ideas. But then David starts to seek out Cheech's help, and the two spend countless nights writing and talking (these are some of the strongest scenes in the movie). David, eventually, let's Cheech take over his play.Things are moving along perfectly. Uh, that is until Olive opens her mouth. She's still a problem, but she's the boss's girl, so what can they do? As bad as she is, she's gotta keep the part. But what if she was somehow out of the way? During one performance she is unable to act, and her understudy plays the role. Everyone loves the understudy, and the play FINALLY feels like a real play. The bad news is Olive will return for the evening's performance -- or will she suffer some unfortunate "accident"? Discover for yourself."Bullets Over Broadway" is one of Woody's funniest movies. It comes on the heels of "Manhattan Murder Mystery," the left-over scraps from "Annie Hall." "Manhattan Murder Mystery" has laughs (and is a lot of fun), but it's not as strong of a movie as "Bullets Over Broadway."The cast of "Bullets Over Broadway" is damn-near perfect. Diane Wiest won the Oscar for her portrayal of Helen Sinclair, a once famous Broadway star, now suffering from alcoholism and bouts of I Used To Be Famous-ism, a la Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder's "Sunset Blvd." Chazz Palminteri is a joyous surprise as Cheech. You expect Cheech to be a dumb lug with an ugly mug, but he's packed with layers. When David picks his brain, he really begins to open up - and we discover that Cheech is the REAL artist here. And you can bet all your money on the Pass Line that Cheech would opt to save the works of Shakespeare over an actual person if a building was up in flames.

Mancy M (kr) wrote: Very sensual movie. Quite heartbreaking too. Pulls you down into a whirlpool confusion, compassion, and understanding of the desire to experiment with new concepts, and change the set parameters of what was and is excepted.

Pavan R (it) wrote: Entertaining Presley movie with some of his most famous numbers

Johnny H (ru) wrote: A beautiful tale of adventure and the importance of human connection.

Carlos Z (br) wrote: Sad movie about losing oneself due to tragedy and our attempts for reclamation which can end in failure

Tom K (br) wrote: an excellent sequel; if you liked the original, put this one on your list