Secret Defense

Secret Defense

Sylvie, a scientist aged 30, has to dig deeper and deeper into her own background.

Sylvie, a 30-year-old scientist, has to dig deeper and deeper into her own background. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Secret Defense torrent reviews

Andrew K (ca) wrote: While often painful to watch, not from acting or writing but the honest depiction of some table-top gamers. The film is an honest look at the fun and frustrations of pen & paper players in the changing Gamer-Space.

Gisle B (jp) wrote: As always, I am amazed at Amitabh Bachchan's talent. This movie is a tear jerker and a very political and patriotic movie, but it is also very human and that is depicted very well by Mr Bachchan. Very good movie!

Rhiannon C (ca) wrote: People obviously suck... this movie was GREAT!!! It was quirky, quick-witted, moving, and yet still somehow easy to relate to. Kiss my ass, naysayers.

Timothy W (br) wrote: Love cirque and the behind the scenes of the Love show...

Peter J (us) wrote: A perfect film about nothing at all. I love films that have no story except for the interaction between flawed character and this movie doesn't disappoint. It's kind of confusing at first but once you figure out what you're watching you're hooked. Best film I've see in awhile.

Crystal K (au) wrote: Great Harvey Keitel action flick.

Tina O (au) wrote: This is my favorite of Jons movies.

Richard S (it) wrote: How have I not seen this until now? With the remake hitting the cinemas I thought I would catch the original as my memory of it was quite vague, well it turns out that was because I've never seen it! The story may be a little silly in places (especially the ending) but ultimately it is a fun and enjoyable movie. Patrick Swayze especially stood out for me as his character is a whole world apart from anything I have ever seen him play before. This is certainly a film I will go back to and the remake has a lot to live up to.

Joo P (nl) wrote: Great acting Ryan Reynolds!