Secret Fantasy

Secret Fantasy

Niccolò Vivaldi is a cello player and he plays in Arena di Verona Orchestra. But he is not the first and neither the second cello. He is frustrated. Nobody can remember his face, nor his name. Niccolò is married to Costanza, who is really beautiful and he takes some pictures of her naked. Later he shows the pictures to a friend and so he feels better. He starts to write a comic opera called "Il merlo maschio" only to discover later he had written Rossini's "La gazza ladra". To maintain his self-esteem he can only show his wife...

A frustrated musician makes a career out of his wife's beautiful body. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ming Siu G (br) wrote: While I don't necessarily agree with all the aesthetic choices, there is no doubt this is an important, gripping, and above all, terrifying documentary.

Muhammed K (au) wrote: how i never heard about be4

Kitty C (kr) wrote: enjoy watching a movie with many good actors, the chasing scene makes me feel like watching a car commercial, but the plot is not as witty as i expected, one interesting thing is the contrast between the high hang seng index portrayed in the movie vs. the low one we have now

Anthony A (br) wrote: Somewhat entertaining but over long and too silly.

Matthew M (jp) wrote: With Matthew Vaughn at the helm, X-Men: First Class is a classy, fun time that brings the best out of it's strong cast. The action scenes and dialogue pop with a ferocity, and breaths life into a incredibly engaging storyline.

Steve S (br) wrote: You've probably never heard of this movie & that's because its CRAP with a capital C...I think the director must have been driving though some mid western town & dropped in on the local theatre group, offered 'em 5 bucks each to act in this dribble and they agreed!!!The acting is so fake & forced, it reminds me of when I was in Year 10 at high school listening to class mates read from scripts in drama class - although my school mates were better than this woeful bunch...Fair dinkum if they paid you to watch this shit I would insist on a bottle of Scotch or a few Rhoey's to numb the pain...Example of how bad it is, "Hello (pause) I am glad to (pause, pause) be hear with you, its (awkward pause) a pleasure to be in (stupidly longer awkward pause) your home"AND so the dialogue waffles on like that - well it did for at least 20 mins until I turned it off.I'd be giving this sad attempt at cinematography a wide berth, if there's an opposite Oscar nomination for worst everything, this garbage would have to be in the running...

Riku F (ag) wrote: This is the first time i saw Hrithik Roshan and i like this movie very much, especially the song

Herwig S (kr) wrote: The unrationality of adultery. It never gets old... not really. Did you know Kristin Scot Thomas speaks fluent French?

(jp) wrote: very interesting, sorta kinda funny actionish, dramaish movie

James C (es) wrote: When three students studying culture and superstition travel to a small village in Romania, they discover that some legends are more real and terrifying than they could ever have imagined. In the 80's and 90's direct-to-video low budget horror film-making was at it's peak and Full Moon Pictures were (and still are) the best production house. In a bit of a swerve from the gore-filled vampire movies of the time, this movie takes the classical approach with a story filled with castles, superstition, tiny demons and a bit of fog. The story and production values are not the greatest, but the crew and cast endeavour to create a movie that goes beyond it's humble routes, and the ending makes you feel that you have only watched the first chapter in a much longer story (as the three sequels and one spin-off prove). A good piece of retro horror that is better than some of the modern genre movies being made today.

Gavin P (es) wrote: An average odd-couple film that turns into a con movie. Sad that both Wilder & Pryor are now both gone, but they're both a fair bit past it here and definitely not on top of their games. Some funny moments (the saxophone callback with Pryor), but otherwise it's mostly just Eddie swearing and George acting stupid or insane! Lang is the bad guy here, same as 'Avatar' and does an OK job. A bit ramshackle, not horrible, but not great either.

Isaac J (it) wrote: Interesting misfire.

Matt C (de) wrote: Fairly ridiculous and really, really dated. As severed hand horrors go it's OK but it's pretty pedestrian and let down by a Scooby Doo ending and some really cheesey comedy at the end.

Anthony T (au) wrote: How anyone could enjoy this film is beyond me... Very dull. Not a single funny moment. Not recommend.