Secret Life of Dogs

Secret Life of Dogs

The Secret Life of Dogs explores how man's best friend experiences the world. Tap into dogs' inner psyche in order to determine the true meaning behind various behaviors and body language. Delve deep into canine biology as it is studied through slow-motion footage, thermal images and macro photography, providing new insights into how dogs drink, shake off water, and whether your best friend is left or right pawed.

Special uncovers how the true success of the canine species is our mutually beneficial relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (us) wrote: Van Damme heeft plezier in het spelen van een schurk, maar dankzij een voorspelbaar script, matige actie en redelijk beroerd acteren van de rest van zijn cast, weet Enemies Closer nooit beter te zijn dan een standaard B-Actie film.

Paul S (ca) wrote: Not very good but curious to see how bad

Stephane L (ca) wrote: I thought this movie was perfect ! Visually stunning, beautiful story and amazing actors. Definitely one of my favorite ever.

Ryan W (jp) wrote: Interesting concept poor execution.

intuciic (kr) wrote: almost no action but lots of feelings..

Theo W (nl) wrote: Treasure Planet so badly wants to be a Disney classic with its brilliant twist on a classic story and incredible visuals. But its cookie-cutter characters are less than memorable, lacking the blend of familiarity and originality of the rest of the film. The design of the sets and characters is too brilliant to ignore this film.

Caitlin L (us) wrote: Julia and Richard are really good together in this movie. Great chemistry. Great cast.

pete 1 (au) wrote: not bad,perfect late night movie interesting characters & story jared harris is such a underrated actor so much of his acting reminds me of his father

August C (fr) wrote: Gut wrenching urban drama about the choices in adversity.

Robert I (kr) wrote: The Gremlins 2 of horror sequels!

Eric R (ag) wrote: The original "Street Fighter" rocked my socks off with its hardcore, violent martial arts display. I had never in my life had seen such a violent karate film. It's over-the-top exploitation elements and Sonny Chiba's riveting anti-hero secured it in my top two favorite martial arts movies of all time. Due to that I had to calm myself down before going into this sequel. I knew it wasn't going to be as good as the original (sequels very rarely are) but I still had to pull my expectations down. I must have succeed as this sequel was pretty damn entertaining, not as good as the original as expected, but a solid violent sequel that lives up to the original.Our street fighter this time takes on a Yakuza family that may be embezzling money from charities in order to finance their own operations. He becomes the target of both the mob and the police but nothing will stop him, even and old enemy that surprisingly returns after our street fighter ripped his larynx out.The story is not as good then again we must have the mentality that this is an exploitation martial arts film. The plot isn't going to be great. We see these for the over-the-top violence, martial arts, and great anti-heroes. One aspect I didn't like about the plot is the addition of a new annoying sidekick. Drop that sidekick shtick like a bag of shit please!Though the tagline promises that our street fighter is "...meaner than ever" I found him to actually be much softer, more compassionate and lacking a lot of the anti hero elements he portrayed in the original. The street fighter is supposed to be a character of respect, yet fear and grotesqueness at the same time. He just doesn't quite match the overall nastiness the character had in the original.The action and martial arts sequences also lack the gore and viciousness of the original. Don't get me wrong as this is still VERY violent, just not to the extent that the original displayed. The violent fight highlight has to be a fight on a snowy peak which Chiba punches the back of a guys head which causes his eyeballs to come popping out. I also dug a scene where our street fighter punch a guy with a pistol, stabbing the barrel into his bloody stomach and then shooting him.Chiba's character may be softer and the film overall lacks some of the violent nastiness of the original but overall this is a good sequel that stays true to its origins and I see no reason why fans of the original wouldn't enjoy this outing. The sequel did have a strong box office performance so a third film ("The Street Fighter's Last Revenge") and a spin-off ("Sister Street Fighter") got released the same year.

Van R (us) wrote: "Back Door to Hell" qualifies as a traditional World War II thriller. In 1944, a sensitive U.S. Army lieutenant and two soldiers slip into Luzon in the Philippines by sea on a secret mission for General MacArthur. Allied headquarters wants all the information that they can get out of the Japanese. Accompanying Lieutenant Craig (Jimmy Rogers of "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come") is Burnett (Jack Nicholson of "Batman") and cynical Sergeant Jersey (John Hackett of "The Two Jakes") and the most precious piece of equipment that they are carrying is their radio. Before they rendezvous with Philippine resistance fighters, they encounter some relaxing Japanese soldiers in a village. They kill one but another gets away because Lieutenant Craig hesitates when he has a chance to kill the soldier. Later, Craig discovers the resistance leader with whom they were supposed to rendezvous, Miguel, has been tortured and killed by the new resistance leader Paco (Conrad Maga) who doesn't like the Americans. When U.S. troops left the Philippines during the first Japanese invasion, Paco lost his wife and child, and he hasn't recovered from the loss. He dictates what the Americans must do as long as he remains in charge. No sooner have they settled in with the resistance than they learn that the Japanese know about them. Remember, one Japanese soldier got away. The Japanese notify the resistance that they start executing one child per hour until the Americans are delivered to them. Paco and the Americans stage a raid, kill most of the Japanese after them, capture the leader, and lead the children to safety. Paco and the Americans run into a bandit Ramundo (Johnny Monteiro of "Lost Battalion") who has a lot of information about Japanese troop movements. He demands their radio and Craig is willing to give the radio to Ramundo as soon as they contact MacArthur. Ramundo does not get the radio quickly enough so he shoots holes in it and flees. Meanwhile, our heroes have found that Ramundo is a credible source of information, but they have no way now of transmitting the information. Craig suggests that Paco lead them to a nearby Japanese radio outpost and Burnett send a message on the enemy radio. During the transmission, Burnett catches a hail of bullets and dies. Craig and Jersey make it out alive, but Paco dies, too. "Ride in the Whirlwind" director Monte Hellman maintains the action in this modest 70 minute epic and nobody gets a break in the screenplay by Richard A. Guttman and John Hackett. Indeed, some of the dialogue is philosophical. This low-budget World War II thriller, like many of them co-produced by an American and a Filipino company is nothing substantial but Hellman manages to inject a modicum of suspense. One-time only actor Conrad Maga is good as the resistance leader who has no love lost for Americans. Officers are respected for their rank and nobody tries to kill the lieutenant here or take over command from him. The Japanese are depicted as a ruthless enemy, prepared to kill children to accomplish their goal, but Hellman and company do not make their appear sympathetic.

Sebastin M (ag) wrote: Recuerdo haber visto esta pelcula cuando era nio. No saba como se llamaba. Un clsico del Western y del Cine. A diferencia de la mayora de las pelculas del Oeste, trata de no caer en el racismo, incluso defiende a los indios, que lo nico que hacan era defender su tierra usurpada. Un gran clsico del Cine y mi Western favorito de todos los tiempos ;-)

Akramul i (de) wrote: Great action movie and pop culture references. My only problem: EVERYONE EXCEPT JOHN AND AL! The FBI are idiots, the police are assholes and the terrorists outsmarted them despite knowing everything about Americans from pop culture, which annoyed me everytime Hans based John on movie heroes

Heith P (ca) wrote: Never gets old. Scary as shit at age 5...