Secret Nation

Secret Nation

A graduate history student returns to her native Newfoundland, searching for proof of a conspiracy surrounding the referendum that saw Newfoundland join Canada.

A graduate history student returns to her native Newfoundland, searching for proof of a conspiracy surrounding the referendum that saw Newfoundland join Canada. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roy C (it) wrote: Food's cold and free.

Julian B (br) wrote: An unambitious film equipped with a uninspiring and bland script. It can be slightly enjoyable but in a very mild way. The script is just awfully bland. A very typical "love" story that does not give a emotional connection whatsoever. An utterly forgettable film experience that leaves you quite disappointed.

Star V (ru) wrote: Oh my, how did this end up on my TV?! The dialogue and script overall is horrible, cheesy and made me slap my forehead and ask WHY to the film gods. If this is Nora Roberts writing, it definitely made me not ever want to read one of her books. The director should have stepped up and took control of the story and made it at least half decent. Run away from this unless you like cheesy movies. Not good cheesy but bad cheesy. Oh and the acting is absolutely appalling!

Texbabe L (ca) wrote: DON'T THINK SO!! Dave Foley & Gary Coleman? Seems like the Coppola boy wanted to make a movie and his relatives made it happen.

Patrick S (us) wrote: You'd think a giant shark movie featuring aliens and insane government agents would be good. You'd be wrong.

Johnny R (ag) wrote: Holy cow, what an incredible movie and experience!! It was intense, funny, engaging, extremely action-packed, and entertaining!! It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time!! The stunts were absolutely jaw-dropping!! Parkour (which is bouncing off walls) was so fun to watch!! The cast was absolutely magnificent!! Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle had terrific chemistry!! David Belle stood out because of his parkour skills!! If you like action-packed films, than check this out!! If your looking for an action-packed film with depth, character development etc, than look elsewhere!! This is one of the best action films of all-time!! Period!! This is very much a must-see!!

David A (ag) wrote: Ambitious and thought-provoking, "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence" might be a beautiful, eerie looking film, but when it comes to story, it leaves everyone behind due to its confusing philosophical ideas and nonstop monologues, meaning you have to listen to every single word in order to keep in track in the movie. A good atmospheric film for some, but for storytellers, not so great.

Jason M (mx) wrote: The best Die Hard sequel.

Ken F (fr) wrote: I really like Michelle as an actor so decided to watch this the other night. I could not believe it was so bad. Besides the storyline, which i found cliched as well as dismal it held no authenticity for me in any way and I just could not connect with the film.

Dann M (ru) wrote: What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, especially Leprechaun 3. In this adventure the Leprechaun heads for Sin City to wreak terror on those who come between him and his gold. The story is garbage, and seems to be made-up as it goes along. The acting is also incredibly bad, in an annoying, hard to watch kind of way. Even Warwick Davis isn't into it, as he seems to be reading off of cue cards or riffing on his own. Extraordinarily stupid, Leprechaun 3 is an atrocious low-budget slasher.

Jaime L (jp) wrote: Yes its stupid but even worse is that its boring.

Sam M (ag) wrote: One of the best Chevy Chase films.

Alexander F (au) wrote: A sequel was a really bad idea but that is the entertainment industry; always trying to cash in at any cost. The plot is almost exactly as the 1st "Teen Wolf"(as I mentioned in my previous review). Dorky lead that becomes a popular jerk, troublesome friend trying to cash in and get popular, fat friend with hidden talent, nerdy yet sorta cute brunette, and a pretty, blonde, bitchy, bimbo that has only her looks to offer. Oh and a sports event to prove that it not the wolf but the man who overcomes.

Bradley K (de) wrote: Woah. Not for the squeamish but fans of horror may be interested to see 80s excess in all it's fluorescent pink glory. Brilliant, but a little too gross for my tastes.

Robbie N (fr) wrote: A memorable and classic comedy, that embraces the far out dreams of the basement dwelling weirdo and his companions. Wayne's World is choc-full of memorable quotes and interesting characters, including the loud and gnarly Wayne and the quiet, conservative Garth. Definitely a movie worth watching.

Sean S (fr) wrote: Classic romcom about an interior designer (Doris Day) and playboy composer (Rock Hudson) who share a "party line" in New York City and end up with a degree of animosity towards each other over the other's attitudes towards the use of the line. Soon, they meet in real life and Day is unaware of Hudson's identity, while he realises who she is. Legitimately funny with charming non-sequiturs (Hudson accidentally entering an obstetrician's office and asking to see the doctor leads to the receptionist trying to track him down under the impression he is the first pregnant male) and singalong songs in all the right places, Pillow Talk works to great effect.