Secret Yosemite

Secret Yosemite

Following Aristotle's elements as a theme this program describes the formation of the wonders of Yosemite.

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  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:USA
  • Director:N/A
  • Writer:Gareth Harvey

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Daniel C (it) wrote: The movie is entertaining, as Marc Webb and Sony assured us it would be, but it is lost. It is lost among a host of undeveloped characters, and--what is worse--it is lost in what it means to be Peter Parker and to teach Peter what it means to grow up.

Fred L (fr) wrote: I got through 5 minutes. here's a lesson in making a movie, if you have a tiny budget, don't make a slasher film.

Michael S (jp) wrote: One of those movies that the old, commercial-free Disney Channel used to show once a month, I found it for the first time in probably 12 years on Comcast's free On Demand movies and so I popped it on, figuring it would be fun to see again for an hour fifteen. What I got was a movie that doesn't have a real plot to it, so it's a big shift from the typical Disney stuff that features a nauseatingly familiar hero's journey. Here, the story is an animal olympic games, just as the title suggests, with a plethora of little events and brief introductions to characters. While the film doesn't create big attachment with any characters beside Rene Formage and Kit Mambo, two rival runners who fall in love during a marathon and lead the movie's only major deviation from Animal! Humor! entertainment, the overwhelming film reinforces sportsmanship (such as the New York gator giving his second medal to his competition) and respect (such as the boar who meets his match fencing when a eagle shows up). The voice cast does a great job, particularly Shearer and Radner, who each do a billion voices and convey a range of characters. If the movie has a fault, it's that it features so many of the political incorrectnesses that are no longer omnipresent; there's a chainsmoking turtle DJ, stereotypically voiced Asian penguin judo masters, and an anteater who downs a pitcher of beer in one suck. Sure, those things are hilarious now, but it reveals the gap between what was acceptable in a kid's film then and now. All in all, it's nothing revolutionary (even though Brad Bird of Pixar fame was one of the animators) but it sure is a pleasant trip back that doesn't get overwhelmed by the incongruencies that ruin so many old kid shows (although I invite any mature viewers to laugh at the prospect of goat/cheetah children!)

Gina A (fr) wrote: Great look at the dynamic of growing up in a college town. Quirky characters make the bizarre pieces believable.

Justin S (mx) wrote: Good movie with decent action and a great ending.

Greg W (ru) wrote: steamy & sultry way over baked melodrama that would have been better directed by sirk!

Craig T (jp) wrote: A quaint and comfortable world within which to sink. Though Taylor's Velvet is precocious to the point of parody, Revere's Mrs. Brown is one of cinema's greatest mothers, head of an equally great cinematic family. "Everyone should have a chance at a breathtaking piece of folly once in his life."

Adam R (br) wrote: Perhaps one of the more insanely idiotic movies ever made. I'm sure that we are all dumber for having watched it, but I love it anyways. Adam Sandler is hilarious in one of his best movies. It's still very funny after seeing it multiple times through the years. (First viewing - Late childhood)

Mehmet K (es) wrote: 16.01.201129.03.2014

Jason T (ru) wrote: As far as Christian movies go, this one is kind of an odd ball. I do like that it tries something different and it has a good cast but the movie is all over the place and it's pacing. The movie also isn't shot very well and some odd placements of the camera. The story is full of potholes too and in the end the movie becomes too preachy.

Jim L (gb) wrote: This horror movie is not that bad. It is not too original, as I watched it I felt like I had seen this movie at least 3-4 times before. That being said, it was fun and there were some scary parts. For a lower budget horror film I would put this on the higher end of quality films. If you are comparing to Paranormal Activity or some major motion picture you will be disappointed, but if you are looking for a fun and scary movie that isn't too complicated and has some good scares here and there, check out The Ouija Experiment.

Amanda D (it) wrote: So romantic yet so sad. Jane Austen and Cassandra never married.

Paul P (de) wrote: Such a great cast and all of them deliver! Gary Oldman, Ed Harris, Sean Penn, Robin Wright, John Turturro, John C Reilly and even Burgess Meredith is outstanding in his only scene. Probably the best performance of Oldman's career. A few issues i had with it hold State of Grace from being a great movie but it's still a good movie never the less.